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Whisky Review – Ardbeg Alligator

Games, games, games… Had the privilege to participate in a twitter blind tasting game under #TheDramOGram hash a month ago. I was lucky (or unlucky?) to be sent a blind dram from the game organizer, a very devilish guy 😉

Of course I utterly failed and guessed correctly just the island…

Ardbeg Alligator (NAS, 51.2%)

Nose: It’s peated (doh), somArdbeg Alligatore acrid notes at first, peat, brine, oily smell, vanilla. lots of punch here due to high ABV. initially some weak sherry notes but dissipated with time, sweet layer below the peat, not much wood showing. after a while some chocolate fudge and salty lemon/citrus

Palate: Peat at the front, oaky and spicy and sweet vanilla honey which disappears quickly leaving spices and oak

Finish: Medium, spicy and oak notes. Some weak background citrus

Conclusion: Grand failure detecting it blind and I had it previously! I think this time there were not much charred BBQ notes as expected maybe because it was the end of bottle?. The peat profile really reminded me Caol Ila and it’s what I submitted as my guess…

It’s a lovely dram and if you can somehow find one for the original RRP price – don’t hesitate to get it!