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Tomatin 2006 Amontillado Finish

After reviewing Tomatin 2009 Caribbean Rum and finding it very lackluster, it’s time to move on and check out his big brother, the Tomatin 2006 Amontillado Finish.

It was distilled in 2006 and then moved to Amontillado Sherry Butts in 2015 so it was finished for 3 years before being bottled at the tender age of 12. 5,400 bottles at 46% were produced and like its young sibling it’s non chill-filtered and is natural colored.

The longer finish and higher age are encouraging signs and nurture my hopes that it will be better than the 2009 vintage.

Tomatin 2006 Amontillado Finish (46%, £56.95/€58.0)

Nose: Very nutty, cereals, sultanas, sour-sweet plums, almonds croissant cinnamon buns, muffins, bakery, dark chocolate. Very nice even if a bit single minded.

Palate: Nutty! nutmeg, cinnamon galore, cooked cinnamon, cinnamon buns, spices, honey, sultanas, coffee beans dark chocolate and as I stated in the beginning – strongly nutty.

Finish: Medium length, nutty, nutmeg, cooked cinnamon and paste , espresso, chocolate, peppery warmth, tingling spices bitterness.

Thoughts: Yes, mucho mucho better than the 2009 vintage. Very pleasant and tasty although it’s quite straightforward with strong amontillado influence of nuts with some chocolate and coffee thrown in.


Tomatin 2009 Caribbean Rum Finish

Last fall, Tomatin distillery released 2 new expressions focusing on the finishes. The younger one is Caribbean Rum finished and the other one was finished in Amontillado finished.

Today we’ll check out the Rum finished one. This Tomatin was distilled in 2009, moved to Caribbean Rum Barrels in 2018 after nine years and then it spent another in 1st fill Caribbean Rum Barrels.

7,200 bottles at 46% were produced and it’s non chill-filtered and at natural color.

Tomatin 2009 Caribbean Rum Finish (46%, £46.95/€48)

Nose: Smells young and spirity, Green banana leaves, honey, soft and gentle whiffs of funk and Esters. a lot of cereals, butterscotch, shortbread, green fruits and white pepper lurks deep below. Continue reading

Tomatin 30 Year Old (2108 Edition) Review

Happy 2019 to you all! I’ve been quite dormant lately here on the blog but I can hope that 2019 will be far more productive here on the blog than 2018 was.

Let’s start 2019 with a bang with a review of a mature whisky – the 2018 batch of Tomatin 30 Year Old. I love old and matured Tomatin whiskies as they usually have lots of tropical fruitiness and I’m sucker for those notes.

Tomatin 30 isn’t a totally new expression – we had some previous incarnations of Tomatin 30 Year Old until the early 201x but it went out of commission when matured stock at the distillery dwindled and so it was replaced by the 1988 vintage batches. And now it’s back to market, retiring the 1988 vintage expression (which basically is a 30 year old now).

Tomatin 30 was matured in ex-Bourbon and traditional oak casks, bottled at 46% and has natural color and isn’t chill filtered.

Tomatin 30 Year Old (2108 Edition) (46%, £299/€252,84)

Nose: Soft stone fruits, creme, honey, gentle spices with lots of white pepper. After a minute or two a subtle tropical fruit sweetness, becoming very fresh and somewhat chocolaty. Continue reading

Tomatin 15 Year Old Moscatel Cask Finish

Tomatin distillery is not resting. Following their virtues series, they released a new limited edition – the Tomatin 15 Year Old Moscatel Cask Finish which .

My friends know that I have some minor affinity to Tomatin whiskies and love most of what they do there, especially if it carries a high age statement age so it sports their old time tropical fruits note and flavors.

But this time it’s “only” a 15 year old that was distilled 6th June 2003, spent its first 10 years (9 years and almost 11 months in fact) in ex-bourbon casks and on 1st May 2013 it was transferred to Moscatel wine barriques (from Portugal) for another five years.

6000 bottles were made, bottled at 46% were made for this edition.

Tomatin 15 Year Old Moscatel Cask Finish (46%, £74.95/€78)

Nose: Soft nose, for a fleeting second I could believe its a Glenmorangie whisky. It’s sweet with lots of stone fruit, citrus, soft white pepper, butterscotch, cake-y. After breathing for a few minutes there’s sweet dessert wine, nuttiness, dried pineapple and banana, then more
nuttiness coupled with more stone fruit sweetness with a a touch of tropical sunshine. Very velvety and soft all along the way. Continue reading

Tomatin Cu Bocan 2006 Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed something from Tomatin Distillery so let’s check out their latest peated whisky, Cu Bocan 2006 which was released last fall.

Cu Bocan 2006 is vatting of sherry and bourbon casks from 2006, so the whisky is 10 or 11 year old. It was bottled at 50% and 12,000 bottles were made available around the world.

Tomatin Cù Bòcan 2006 (50%, £49.45/€56.50)

Nose: Malty, subtle honey and then sweet peat. Feels light and fresh and after a few minutes, bread and cookies dough, a bit of vanilla, weak pears and peaches. After some more oxidization there are soft smoked red fruit. With a few drops of water more fruitiness with stronger peaches smell, less malt/bread and very subtle smoke. Continue reading

Whisky Review – Tomatin Contrast

What do whisky geeks look for in a whisky? There are a few possible answers to this question but I think there’s one answer that will resonate true with most: Deeper understanding and new Information on what impacts and builds whisky taste.

Think about it for a moment: What impacts taste and flavor in whisky? We know that barley variant, yeast type, fermentation time (and vessels), still shape, heart cut and casks – all those impact flavor so it’s no wonder that we geeks love masterclasses, special whisky releases and aids that help us deconstruct whisky – to gain a better understanding of how it works and that reveal the innards of good and/or popular whiskies.

Only this week, there was a big uproar when Compass Box revealed the ingredients composing their latest two releases (namely the ages of the different casks that went into the blend). Whisky geeks applauded them despite that fact that a law was broken, because there was transparency and full information was disclosed. It means we know the recipe and we can chug onward toward finding our ultimate whisky and understand even further what makes whisky ‘clicks’.

Tomatin distillery is playing along with us geeks on this front, with special Cu Bocan releases, focusing on the major flavor corners (peat, sherry and bourbon) and now Tomatin Contrast.

Tomatin Contrast gives us whisky aficionados a unique opportunity to compare the effect of Bourbon and Sherry casks on whisky distilled at Tomatin Distillery at the same years. Of all the factors mentioned above, it’s a known fact (or is it an axiom?) that casks impact is the most important factor (between 50% to 80% of the final whisky flavor). The whisky in both Contrast halves was distilled in specific years (1973, 1977, 1988, 1991, 2002 & 2006) and so we are probably looking at a very similar spirit (same barley, yeast and stills), leaving the classroom stage to the casks and their impact.

Tomatin Contrast  (46%, 2x350ml, 5400 bottles, £95.99/€129.99)

Tomatin Contrast (Bourbon Matured)

tomatin contrast bourbonNose: First impression is sweetness and fruitiness with lots of tropical fruit notes. Fresh juicy pineapples, papaya and a touch of guava, Vanilla, subtle nuts, oak wood. All nicely balanced. After a few minutes in the glass: perfumed tropical juice, lemon zest and the nose becomes very sweet and like it a lot. Continue reading

Whisky Review – Tomatin Cù Bòcan Virgin Oak Edition

After reviewing yesterday the new Tomatin Cask Strength, let’s review Tomains’ second new release – The Cù Bòcan Virgin Oak. It’s the second release in the trilogy showcasing the influence of each cask type which makes up Cù Bòcan: Sherry, Virgin Oak and Bourbon. I reviewed the Sherry in the past and now it’s time to try the virgin oak edition.

Like the sherry edition, there are only 6000 bottles available and it was fully matured in First Fill Virgin Oak casks which should lend us lots of sweetness, vanilla and coconut. How well will it work with the peat?

Tomatin Cù Bòcan Virgin Oak Edition (46%, £49.95/€61.95)

Cù-Bòcan-Virgin-OakNose: A very fresh and interesting nose, It starts with a moderate-to-weak peat wave but soon its taking backseat to sweet pears and apricots, vanilla, massive sweetness, almost too much but still fresh and a bit zesty. Continue reading