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Whisky Tour – Glengoyne Distillery (and a bonus too)

Last week, after over 3 months en route, I finally got my final package of whiskies I got myself in Scotland, and it reminded me I didn’t write yet a post on last distillery tour. The last day of trip arrived and we had time for one last distillery visit before going back home – Glengoyne Distillery.

This time we’ve killed 2 birds in one stone – we recruited a designated driver, a blogger who lives not far away but never visited there, so we ‘forced’ him to visit the place for the first time, out own #whiskyfabric cog member, Tom. So we checked out from the hotel, we got picked up by Tom and off we went to the place which is half lowlands, half highlands where Glengoyne distillery resides.

Glengoyne Distillery

Glengoyne Distillery

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Whisky Place – The Bon Accord, Glasgow

two fantastic days on Islay ended and then we’re back in Glasgow, totally wiped out emotionally and dead tired from a fantastic day and tours.

But the day isn’t over yet. It’s our last evening in Glasgow and Scotland we have to do two more things: Meet Glasgowians I previously met online and visit The Bon Accord, THE whisky place in town, so the logical thing materialized – a meeting at The Bon Accord.


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Whisky Tour – Bruichladdich Distillery

This post was in the writing for a long time and I hesitated completing it as Bruichladdich was our last stop on Islay and writing it brings a bucketful of sadness. But life go on so I finally sat down and completed it, doing it was kind of a relief and it’s way better then going to a shrink 🙂

Bruichladdich, well, as I said above – it was our last stop on the island. We were in a hurry as we had to return our rented car and make it on time for our flight back to Glasgow, but we were passing near Bruichladdich, a mere 500 meters away. How could we NOT stop there, even if not for a tour then just see it and have a dram in the visitors center.


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Whisky Review – SMWS 29.138 Hospitals, hearths and headlands (Laphroaig)

Yesterday I posted on my visit at Laphroaig distillery in October 2013. As usual, here’s a companion review of a Laphroaig dram 🙂

This one was a sample I got from Stewart & Kirsty when we met at SMWS bar in Edinburgh (Thanks folks!). No, it’s no coincidence I choose a SMWS Laphroaig dram given to me in SMWS bar in Scotland to escort a distillery tour post I did during the same trip 🙂

SMWS 29.138 Hospitals, hearths and headlands (59.4%, 18yo, 182 bottles)

SMWS-29.138-Hospitals, hearths and headlandsNose: the classic medicinal notes of Laphroaig – iodine, antiseptics, earthy peat notes, some burning coals, lots of sweet lemon and heather, some fruity/herbal edge. after a few minutes in the glass the peat and medicinal weakens mightily and the sweet notes takes the front seat.

palate: earthy oily peat mixed with sweet heather honey and toasted sugary candies. This time the sweet takes the backseat and the peat notes are rolling over the tongue in big strong wave with leather and greenery notes

Finish: medium length, strong earthy peat and leather notes lingers with small fluffs of sweetness popping up in surprise, although those come infrequently.

Conclusion: Lovely and classic Laphroaig dram. It bore all the classic Laphroaig notes shared with heavy dash of honey and sweet candies. Superb dram.

Whisky Tour – Laphroaig Distillery

2nd day on Islay and the most eagerly tour is ensuing – Laphroaig Distillery. If you’re following me and/or my blog, you’re probably aware of my affection to Laphroaig, so this tour was booked with very high expectations.

(Just a quick note before we actually starts – this post has more pictures then the usual so you’ve been warned!)

We woke up to an sunny and bright Islay day, ate quick breakfast and drove early to the distillery to soak some Laphroaig atmosphere at the FoL (Friends of Laphroaig) lounge before going on the high-end Distillers Wares tour. We even saw John Campbell the distillery manager but he was too busy so didn’t managed to get a picture this time.


On the shore at Port Ellen on the way to the distillery

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Lagavulin Premium Tasting – Whisky Review – Lagavulin 16, Feis Ile 2013, Jazz Festival 2013 & Lagavulin 12

Next stop on Islay – Lagavulin. Quite early during our trip planning it was clear that we won’t have time for tour Lagavulin. So we checked what other events can we attend and found out we can attend the Premium Tasting event that is scheduled for 13:30 – just in time after one lengthy tour and before another tour, so we booked places in it. and boy, what a smart decision it was!

Yeah, It was sunny, really!

Yeah, It was sunny, really!

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Whisky Tour – Bowmore Distillery

After visiting the Speyside region, throwing in some lowlands whisky distillery, visiting awesome whisky places, we’ve finally got to the most exciting leg of our Oct 2013 tour – visiting my favorite Island, Islay!

We took the morning flight from Glasgow to Islay, picked up the rented car we ordered and drove to our first Islay Distillery tour – Bowmore.



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Whisky Visit – Hunter Laing HQ, Glasgow

Earlier this year, The original Douglas Laing company shocked the whisky world announcing it was breaking down to 2 companies: Douglas Laing (which retained the original name and HQ) headed by Fred Laing, joined by his daughter Cara and the new Hunter Laing company headed by Stewart Laing with his 2 sons Scot and Andrew.

I was very curious to hear and see how the new company has setup and what are their plans so I reached out to them and setup a visit at their new HQ.


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