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Balblair 18 Year Old Review

The last Balblair tasted in the official Tweet Tasting that took place earlier tonight is the Balblair 18 Year Old which followed the 12 Year Old, 15 Year Old & 17 Year Old. (Click the links for their reviews).

Just like the 15 Year Old , the Balblair 18 Year Old was matured in ex-bourbon casks and then finished in 1st fill Spanish oak sherry casks.

Balblair 18 Year Old (46%, £118)

Nose: Soft and balanced, baked pears, fruity and chocolaty. Then medium aged soft leather and then lots of toffee! And then cinnamon and nutmeg. Complex and nice, just maybe a bit too relaxed and laid back? Continue reading

Balblair 17 Year Old Review

The third whisky review in the new revamped Balblair distillery lineup (after reviewing the 12 Year Old and the 15 Year Old)  is the 17 Year Old Travel Retail exclusive. I was lucky enough to taste it over 2 weeks ago as the first bottles hit the Duty Free shops in the airports late April after the new line up was announced. But I waited with the review to get a second tasting in the official Twitter tasting we had tonight.

Balblair 17 Year old was too matured in ex-bourbon casks but was finished in first fill Spanish oak butts. I noticed that the 15 and 18 Year Old did not have the butts mention so maybe they were sherry treated hogshead?

Just like with the 12 Year Old and 15 Year Old (and the rest of Balblair whiskies, it wasn’t chill filtered and no color was added.

Balblair 17 Year Old (46%, ~£110/€115)

Nose: Not as enticing as the 15 Year Old, at least not at first where there was less sherry finish impact. Sour fruitiness, polished wood, again some soursweet stone fruit and eventually red berries. Continue reading

Balblair 15 Year Old Review

After checking out Balblair 12 Year Old let’s check the second offering in the new Balblair line up which is the 15 Year old.

Balblair 15 Year Old was also matured in american oak (ex-bourbon casks) but then it was finished in first fill Spanish oak (sherry casks) for an unknown time period.

Balblair 15 Year Old (46%, £73.25)

Nose: Not as creamy as the 12 Year Old as the sherry finish must have mitigate some of it, but it’s still soft with sweet fruit marmalade, dried papaya, sweet sour fruitiness and milk chocolate. Gets better and fruitier with time – very enticing. Continue reading

Balblair 12 Year Old Review

After a decades and consumer confusion, Balblair Distillery replaced their entire core range offerings earlier this year. Instead of vintages bottlings, Balblair now offer straightforward age statement whiskies: 12 Year Old, 15 Year Old, 17 Year Old for the Travel Retail market, 18 Year Old and 25 Year Old.

Earlier tonight we had the official #BalblairWhisky Tweet Tasting (over Twitter) where we tasted 4 balblair whiskies from the new range (with link to reviews): 12 Year Old, 15 Year Old, 17 Year Old (Travel Retail) and 18 Year Old.

Let’s start with the entry level offering: Balblair 12 Year Old. It was matured in American Oak casks (A.K.A. a mix of Bourbon casks), bottled at 46% and as usual with Balblair, without added color and without chill filtering.

Balblair 12 Year Old (46%, £43.95)

Nose: Soft, sweet, malty with brioche and buttery croissant, vanilla, pears, apples. Very creamy!, Then a bit of lemon peels marmalade. After a few minutes it’s becoming less creamy and rounded and gains some sharpness and spiciness with gentle white pepper. Continue reading

Whisky Tour – Balblair Distillery & Balblair 2003 Review

After a long break due to a new house purchase and move coupled with a very long (and a very deserving!) summer vacation it’s time to resume normal activity here.

I was lucky enough to have a summer vacation in London with a wee getaway to Scotland and in those four days I managed to cross off a few more distilleries from my to-visit list.

The first distillery on this trip was Balblair, a distillery I like a lot for producing good, bodily and well done whisky but the day didn’t pan out as planned.

At first, the sleeper train to Inverness was late, but we had a marvelous view from the train.

view from the sleeper train

The view from the train was breathtaking!

And then extra bureaucracy at the car rental agency and so we were way behind schedule and very late to the booked tour at Balblair. Luckily, with some aid from Waze and few more new white strands on my head, we got to Balblair.


Still late but just in time for the initial gathering with John Mcdonald the distillery manager. (Of course I went for The Manager’s Tour. Ain’t doing it half heartedly 🙂 ) But as soon as we started, we went outside as it was a beautiful, sunny and crisp day outside (all the locals marveled at it all week long as it wasn’t a too common occurrence this summer).gathering with John

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Social Media Distilled – Lukasz Dynowiak

I know it’s been a while since my last ‘Social Media Distilled’ interview, but we were all busy – after all, Spring is the Festivals season (Did you follow my Feis Ile 2014 project?), and many new products were launched by distilleries keeping their staff and PR persons very busy. But things has cooled down a bit and I managed to recruit another whisky social media figure for an interview.

Today I’m happy to interview Lukasz Dynowiak. You may know him from the Edinburgh Whisky Blog or the Tweeter Tasting he leads, but today he’s represented here under his professional hat as the director of Alembic Communications which handle social media for Inver House brands.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlease tell us a bit about yourself.

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