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Old Pulteney 2004 Single Cask #128 (TWE Exclusive) Review

Whenever The Whisky Exchange has a new single cask exclusive it is quite a thrill. Usually Sukhinder Singh does his magic and conjure some uniqe and good (or interesting at least) cask. I had my issues with their last Kilchoman exclusive but this time he actually managed to get Old Pulteney Distillery to bottle him a sherried Old Pulteney.

How rare is it? I can’t recall any fully matured sherried Old Pulteney from the last few years besides this one and the LMDW bottling. and to boot – this single cask is a first fill sherry cask (a sherry butt probably with 612 bottles available) so a proper Old Pulteney sherry bomb? Let’s find out.

Old Pulteney 2004 Single Cask #128 (TWE Exclusive) (62.1%, £99.95)

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Whisky Review: Old Pulteney 17 Year Old (Blind Tasting Competition 2015 Day 2)

Second day of the Blind Tasting Competition 2015 with another hard to guess whisky. I sniffed and tasted my sample before day 1 dram was announced and I was banking it to be a speysider but now we know it cannot be one after Glenfarclas 25 was day 1 dram. Tough life of BTC’ers!

Upon initial tasting I thought it’s a 17-18 year old whisky and with lower ABV than #1 and estimated it at 46-50. I re-tasted it and it feels like a low ABV one, but since #1 was 43% I’m going for 43% here as well because it’s the minimum ABV for the competition. I also guessed a reduced age of 15 and went with Dalwhinnie as my distillery (good guess as any other Highlands distillery!),  and I’m probably gonna totally fail with that guess.

Update: Bah, I should have paid attention to the salt note there and think of Old Pulteney 17. My visit recap definitely had similar notes for the 17 yo. Gotta be more thorough!

Old Pulteney 17 (46%, £49.99/€69.99)

old-pulteney-17-years-oldNose: Initial impression screams speyside! But we know it’s not a speysider, arggghhhh! At first it’s a bit spicy with ginger, nutty, sweet fruit (mostly red apples), a touch of red berries, toffee, dry and thin. Light honeycomb, oak wood spices. After it breaths for a while there are pink grapefruits, oranges with some soft perfume edge. With water: more grapefruits and sweeter and at last there’s some body here and it’s not so thin. Continue reading

Whisky Tour – Old Pulteney Distillery

On the third day of the trip, we started our descent south from Thurso toward Inverness and the next logical stop was Old Pulteney Distillery as we took the coastal road. The distillery resides inside Wick so it’s one of the rare cases where a distillery resides inside an urban zone and it wasn’t easy to spot the entrance, especially when you’re in a hurry to get to the tour.Old Pulteney

We hurried inside to start the tour and to play detective. I had an important mission to find out who’s the handsome guy who is a good virtual friend and also posing as a fellow blogger that I never met before 😉

Luckily I didn’t have to exert my few grey cells as it’s been only us in the tour, making it a cozy, warm and full of laughs tour. It must be noted that the our lovely and charming guide Kathie helped too toward this goal. In fact, the tour guide is the most important component from the distillery side. A good guide will make the tour unforgettable while a bad guide can ruin a tour even at your favorite distillery.

And so we toured, cheerful and energetic, stopping at all the obligatory stations. the only negative: it was a quiet day dedicated to maintenance, so there was a low-key energy around, like a big bear sleeping. Continue reading

Whisky News: Glenmorangie Pride 1978, Kininvie 23 yo, Old Pulteney Clipper Commemorative Bottling

Another week full of new whiskies announcements. Glenmoranige release their ‘rarest’ whisky to date (and most expensive!), Old Pulteney (2nd week on the chart! ;-)) with Commemorative Bottling and Diageo releases a Kininvie 23 yo 2nd batch (FYI, first one was Taiwan only).

Soon (maybe even next week), we’ll have official release of Bowmore Devils Cask II (AKA Batch 2) and Glendronach Batch 10 single casks (already available for order from The Whisky Shop, (£66 for 2002 vintage up to £152 for 1990 vintage). Phew, quite a lot ah?

Glenmorangie Pride 1978

Glenmorangie has unveiled what it claims is its rarest, “most exquisite” and most expensive whisky to-date, called Glenmorangie Pride 1978.

Glenmorangie-Pride-1978The 34-year-old single malt, of which only 700 bottles will be available worldwide, initially started out as a 19-year-old vintage before being extra-matured in French Premier Grand Cru claret casks for an additional 15 years.

After laying down just five casks of the whisky, Dr Bill Lumsden, director of distilling and whisky creation at Glenmorangie, said this was the most the brand’s “most exquisite” edition to-date.

“The resulting liquid is a luxurious burnished copper with rich, decadent and delicious scents of chestnut, toffee and cherries,” he said.

“I believe this is my most exquisite expression yet, one that will be savoured by whisky enthusiasts across the globe.”

Artist Idris Khan has created a limited edition piece of artwork, entitled ‘Disappearing Casks’, to accompany each purchase of Glenmorangie Pride 1978.

“I am absolutely delighted to work with Glenmorangie,” said Khan. “When visiting the distillery in Tain I was immediately mesmerised.

“The vision of the casks has stayed with me and provided inspiration for ‘Disappearing Casks’. I was born the same year that the casks were laid down and it feels very fitting that I am helping to tell its story.”

Bottled at 47.4% abv Glenmorangie Pride 1978 carries an RRP of £3,400 and will be available from Glenmorangie’s online shop as well as from specialist retailers and department stores.

Kininvie 23yo Batch 2 Is Now at The Whisky Shop

Kininvie 23Kininvie is a unique single malt distillery founded on 6 copper stills nestled in the Conval hills of Dufftown, Speyside.

First opened in July 1990, it has taken three decades of quiet, patient and devoted care to get to this point . A treasured secret known until now by only a few, Kininvie is at peak perfection – and now the first house malt is ready for release in the UK.

The brand new Kininvie 23 year old has been made in small batches, every bottle will be individually numbered and housed in 35cl bottles. Each batch number and year of distillation will appear on the label. This scarce 1990 UK release contains malt whisky from the very first distillation, matured in a mix of American hogsheads (80%) and sherry casks (20%).

Official Tasting notes:

Nose: Rich and vibrant aroma with ripe, fleshy fruit notes overlaid with creamy vanilla toffee sweetness.  A more subtle floral, leafy summer blossom note develops over time.

Palate: Beautifully soft and mellow with a luxurious silky texture. The rich vanilla oakiness resulting from 23 years of maturation gives an incredible depth of flavour and sweetness. Woody spices such as cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves are layered with zesty citrus and candied orange peel.

Finish: Enduringly sweet.

The bottle is available for £97 at The Whisky Shop


Old Pulteney Clipper CommemorativeThis week Old Pulteney – The Maritime Malt – celebrates the completion of the Clipper Round the World Yacht Race 2014 by the crew of brave men and women on board a yacht named after the iconic Single Malt Scotch Whisky. The race started eleven months ago and saw the Old Pulteney rose of winds carried proudly to France, Brazil, South Africa, Australia, Singapore, China, United States of America, Panama, Jamaica, Northern Ireland, The Netherlands and back to the starting point in London, UK. The brand’s involvement in this classic feat of sea adventuring is a natural continuation of the long and rich maritime heritage of the town of Wick on the Caithness Coast in the Northern Highlands of Scotland, where Pulteney Distillery was built in 1826 and where it produces its multi-award-winning Scotch whisky until this day.

The staff and management at Pulteney Distillery took the opportunity to thank all the crew members and the Skipper Partick van der Zijden for their tremendous effort and for representing Old Pulteney all around the world this past year. The Old Pulteney crew have shown rare determination and courage and successfully completed the race despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Margaret Mary Clarke, the Old Pulteney Global Brand Manager, said:

 “As a whisky built on its maritime history and connections, it has been an enormous thrill to be part of the Clipper 2013-14 Round the World Race and to have witnessed the ‘Old Pulteney’ speed from port to port over the past year.”



Old Pulteney Clipper Commemorative Bottling

To mark the occasion Old Pulteney will release a special commemorative bottling of its whisky. Old Pulteney Clipper will be made available in July 2014 at select retailers world-wide. The limited release will feature a Clipper Round the World Yacht Race -themed packaging and the whisky itself will be a classic expression of Old Pulteney, matured in both ex-bourbon and ex-sherry casks. The whisky will be presented at its natural colour, non chill-filtered and at a premium strength of 46% ABV. Only 2,700 cases of this rare bottling will ever be released and the recommended retail price in the UK is £50.

The appearance of the whisky is that of polished gold. On the nose the sweetness of dried fruits and crispiness of green apples is accompanied by notes of fresh vanilla and white chocolate. On the palate waves of honey and orange zest, a rounded oaky structure and an unmistakable coastal note set this fresh and elegant Old Pulteney apart. The finish is smooth and long-lasting.

Maritime Malt

The heritage of Old Pulteney Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky is closely interwoven with that of the port town of Wick. Once a thriving herring fishing port where as many as one thousand vessels could crowd the harbour in the fishing season, Wick was famously reported to produce ‘barrels of silver’ (salted herring) and ‘barrels of gold’ (single malt whisky). Set up to quench the thirst of a busy port, the distillery soon became recognised for producing one of the finest spirits in the world. And even though the fishing industry in Wick is well past its prime, traditional production methods, a wealth of experience and the coastal location which lends a distinctly maritime character to the whisky, keep Old Pulteney firmly in the whisky lover’s spotlight.

Whisky News: Old Pulteney 35 yo, Highland Park Dark Origins, Glenfiddich Excellence 26 and Bowmore Tempest V

Been a while since I collected news on new releases, but in the last 2 weeks there were a couple of important whisky news, so here they are.

Also, did you check my little giveaway? Rules are simple and you may win a whisky bottle!

Old Pulteney Launches Limited Edition 35 Year Old Single Malt

Old Pulteney 35 yoMulti award-winning Old Pulteney Highland Single Malt Scotch Whisky has added a new, exceptionally rare whisky to its distinguished range, the limited edition Old Pulteney 35 Year Old. Only 450 cases of this outstanding single malt will be rolled out to global markets with a retail price of £500 per bottle.

The embodiment of Pulteney Distillery’s exceptional craftsmanship, this new expression is matured in American ex-bourbon and Spanish ex-sherry casks which have been expertly hand selected by Distillery Manager Malcolm Waring. Each striking 700ml bottle is non-chill filtered at 42.5% ABV. On the palate this full bodied expression is sweet and spicy to start then quickly develops a range of signature Old Pulteney flavours from honey, rum soaked raisins and oranges to the heavier notes of seasoned leather, pralines and a touch of the salty North Sea air. A truly indulgent, perfectly balanced whisky, it has a long slow finish and is light amber in colour.

The eye catching detail and design of the limited edition reflects the brand’s rich maritime heritage, which includes a stunning wooden box with porthole revealing the unique Old Pulteney bottle which carries the classic herring drifter, which has become a symbol of the brand.

Founded in 1826 at the height of Wick’s herring boom, Pulteney Distillery is one of the most Northerly distilleries on the Scottish mainland. It is this unique maritime heritage that gives the whisky its identity as the ‘Maritime Malt’. A long-held favourite tipple for whisky enthusiasts, many say they can taste a faint hint of the sea in Old Pulteney maltsthanks to the Distillery’s windswept location and close proximity to the North Sea.

The launch of the 35 Year Old follows the success of Old Pulteney’s 40 Year Old single malt which was released in 2012, Old Pulteney Senior Brand Manager, Margaret Mary Clarke commented:

“Old Pulteney 35 Year Old is a world class expression and we are delighted to add another high age, limited edition to our existing portfolio.

 From its eye catching packaging to its superior taste, the new malt is a true reflection of Old Pulteney’s outstanding quality and craftsmanship. We are confident that it will take its place amongst the best luxury whiskies available today and cement our position as one of the UK’s top ten single malts.” 





Highland Park announce the launch of a new core expression inspired by the cunning spirit and courageous personality of its founder, Magnus Eunson.

dark originsEstablishing a secret bunker in the hills of High Park in Orkney, Magnus ‘Mansie’ Eunson became a famed dark distiller back in the late 1700s, creating whisky for the people of Orkney to offer relief from the villainy of the tax collector. By day he workedtirelesslyin his church providing spiritual guidance to the peopleofOrkney, but in the dead of night, he hand crafted what was to ultimately become the best spirit in the world, warming hearts and uniting all who tasted it.

Dark Origins, a stunning, non-chill filtered single malt with an ABV of 46.8%, will start to appear on shelves in July and roll out internationally throughout autumn 2014.

It uses twice as many first fill sherry casks than in the classic Highland Park 12 year old resulting in a naturally darker, richer flavour with sherried spice, a chocolate twist and the signature sweet smoke fans of the Orcadian elixir have come to know and love.

Highland Park is one of the few distilleries not using distiller’s caramel and so Dark Origins takes its natural colour from the interaction between spirit and cask which Highland Park believes consistently rate amongst the best casks in whisky.

 Gerry Tosh, Global Marketing Manager, said: “Cask management is so very crucial to our work at Highland Park. We have strived to raise the bar, working tirelessly in sourcing the right wood and then working and finessing the balances to ensure we create single malt that is rich, warm and enticing in flavour. Dark Origins sits in the heart of our core range complementing them perfectly – distinct in itself, but always and forever a classic Highland Park.”

The official tasting notes:

Colour:                 Rich mahogany

Nose:                    Sherried spice and ripe bananas combine with toasted hazelnuts and baked apple

Palate:                  Well-balanced, dry peat at first mellowing out to maraschino cherries, warm dark chocolate entices the palate

Finish:                  Enduring sweet smoke

Dark Origins will be exclusively available from Harrods from 1st July – 14th July for £64.95. It will then be available from specialist independent whisky retailers, at the Highland Park distillery and www.highlandpark.co.uk thereafter.

Glenfiddich releases 26YO expression

Glenfiddich-Excellence-26-Year-OldGlenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old is the first globally-released expression from the Dufftown distillery to be matured exclusively in first fill and refill Bourbon barrels.

Described as having notes of vanilla, toffee, caramelised pineapple and spring blossom on the nose, the 43% abv single malt delivers vanilla, oak and dry tannin qualities on the palate.

Glenfiddich malt master Brian Kinsman said the Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old is one of “the most desirable expressions yet”.

“By maturing this expression exclusively in Bourbon casks we’ve created a beautifully intense flavour, reflective of the relentless passion we have for producing single malts.”

Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old will be a permanent addition to the distillery’s range, and will be available from June in select retailers and on-trade accounts in core markets for an RRP of £350.

Communication around the launch of the expression will fall in line with the brand’s recently launched marketing campaign, Family Run since 1887.

“As a family run company, we’ve always challenged established whisky-making norms because we care personally about the quality of our single malts,” said Peter Gordon, Glenfiddich company director.

“We cherish our independence because it allows us to innovate and create superior whiskies, and Glenfiddich Excellence 26 Year Old is a prime example of this.”

The only other expression released by the brand to be matured in American oak is the Glenfiddich Age of Discovery 19 Year Old Bourbon Cask, which was launched in travel retail in 2012.



Bowmore-tempest-vTempest V is non-chill filtered and aged for 10 years in first fill Bourbon casks and is described as a “true product of its environment,” due to the “detectable” salty ocean breeze and signature dark Islay peat.

As with previous releases in the Tempest collection, Tempest V offers similar characteristics such as mandarin, tangy lime and cassis, while at the same time differentiating itself with a fuller, richer and sweeter first fill Bourbon character.

With a splash of water, Tempest is said to burst with flavours of “tangy seaweed tempered bysweet vanilla ice cream and sugared almonds”.

“It is Bowmore matured in the very highest quality of 1st fill ex Bourbon casks, revealing harmonious and enveloping layers of honeycomb, rich Bourbon vanilla and ripening fruits carried on an ocean breeze,” said Rachel Barrie, master blender.

“Tempest V’s highly complex layers of silky smooth vanilla and luscious fruit-infused peatiness transport you to the elemental beauty of Islay.”

Bottled at 55.9% ABV, Tempest V is currently available from Royal Mile Whiskies, Whisky Exchange, Harrods and Arkwright’s Whisky and Wine at an RRP of £46.99.

Social Media Distilled – Lukasz Dynowiak

I know it’s been a while since my last ‘Social Media Distilled’ interview, but we were all busy – after all, Spring is the Festivals season (Did you follow my Feis Ile 2014 project?), and many new products were launched by distilleries keeping their staff and PR persons very busy. But things has cooled down a bit and I managed to recruit another whisky social media figure for an interview.

Today I’m happy to interview Lukasz Dynowiak. You may know him from the Edinburgh Whisky Blog or the Tweeter Tasting he leads, but today he’s represented here under his professional hat as the director of Alembic Communications which handle social media for Inver House brands.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPlease tell us a bit about yourself.

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Whisky Review – Old Pulteney 1990

Today – The Old Pulteney 1990. This one, just like the ones I posted yesterday and the day before, was the highlight whisky and the main reason for the Tweet Tasting event last November which due to some bad luck I couldn’t participate on time and I managed to taste it only this week.

The 1990 vintage is a limited edition of only 600 cases, matured in American ex-bourbon and Spanish ex-sherry casks which previously held heavily peated whisky. It’s nice to see more (highlands) distilleries experimenting with peated casks. Last year we also saw first peated releases from Tomatin (Cu Bocan) and Balblair (1990 cask), and as peat head all I have to say – don’t stop!

So how is OP 1990?

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Whisky Review – Old Pulteney Navigator

Today – The Old Pulteney Navigator. This one, just like the one I posted yesterday, was a whisky that I was supposed to be tasted during a Tweet Tasting event last November and some bad luck prevented me from tasting it during the event and I managed to taste it only this week.

The Navigator is a recent release (released in 2013) to mark their sponsoring of a yacht in the Clipper Round the World Race (as befitting their long maritime influence) and is matured in ex American bourbon and ex Spanish Sherry casks.

The name ‘Navigator’ hints at maritime notes, so let’s see if it stand up to that promise.

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Whisky Review – Old Pulteney 12

Do you know how is it when you look forward to some event and then you enjoy it and you have some great time? In this case it was a full opposite. Last November there was a Tweet Tasting of 3 Old Pulteney whiskies in celebration of the their new 1990 vintage and I was selected to participate in it. From this moment the problems started to mount – firstly the samples didn’t arrive on time for the event. but as I wasn’t the only one plagued with delayed samples shipment up came the idea of having a second Tweet Tasting event for us poor-luck tasters (Yay!), but then, due to crisis at work and a flat tire, I missed the 2nd tasting too! what a real dumper on that evening it was.

So the samples were sitting on my shelf, looking accusingly at me and finally I managed to get to taste them earlier this week and today I bring you the tasting notes of the first one: Old Pulteney 12.

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