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Glen Garioch 8 Year Old ex-Bielle Rum Finish (Asta Morris)

I have a few friends with a very high affinity to Glen Garioch Distillery so naturally I tend to be quite up o date with the distillery (sometimes against my futile efforts to avoid it ūüėČ ).

But when an IB bottling of Glen Garioch is imported and is available locally, you can’t really avoid noticing and tasting it, and this was my fate with this Glen Garioch 2011 8 Year Old bottled by Asta Morris.

While it’s a young Glen Garioch it’s not a boring whisky as it may sound. It was matured in ex-Bourbon and then finished in ex-Bielle Rum casks that Asta Morris Rum bottled under their Rasta Morris brand – so ex-Bourbon and then Agricole rum casks.

272 bottles were produced from the ex-Rum cask at 49.7%.

Glen Garioch 8 Year Old ex-Bielle Rum Finish (Asta Morris) (49.7%, ‚ā¨62/335NIS)

Nose: Despite the relatively low ABV there’s a good punch here, some youth and muscular nose, malty with cereals, brown sugar and that Agricole grassiness, also some pineapple. Spices with ginger (of course as it’s a Glen Garioch after all) and white pepper.

Palate: Malty, cereals, honey and brown sugar sweetness, quite spicy with ginger, nutmeg and white pepper. Then we have some pineapple juice and grapefruit juice and the white rind bitterness.

Finish: Medium length, spicy, brown sugar, pineapple juice, grapefruits and the Agricole grassiness.

Thoughts: At first it felt a bit too young and incoherent but once it settled in the glass and got a bit oxidized it blossomed nicely. The nose got some good Rum influence to balance the youth and spiciness of Glen Garioch and in the mouth it’s more spicy and fruity with a minuscule Agricole influence that makes a cameo in the finish. A lovely summertime whisky.


Old Particular Glen Garioch 21 Year Old (Douglas Laing) Review

Another Old Particular from Douglas Laing that arrived here is Glen Garioch 21 Year Old and it was the top of the line offering before getting sold out. It was distilled back in September¬†1995, just before it was mothballed for a few years so it’s a precious old liquid from an age long gone. It was then aged in refill hogshead¬†and bottled in November 2016. Total of 290 bottles were produced.

Old Particular Glen Garioch 21 Year Old (51.5%, DL11471, £85.49/500NIS)

Nose: Sugar barley, perhaps a wee whiff of peat smoke as it went and never came back, fruity with pears and apples, ginger, almonds and nuts, quite fresh with undercurrent of rich flavour bomb, meadow and hay distilled into oil. With additional time in the glass more nuttiness and cooked cinnamon and becoming oily and fruity (somewhat perfume) with a touch of ginger. Continue reading

Glen Garioch 15 Sherry Cask Matured (Travel Retail) Review

Following last week,s Glen Garioch which I liked and found to be a bit different, let’s have another Glen Garioch today, but this time an¬†official bottling, a 15 year old sherry cask¬†at cask strength that was bottled as an exclusive Travel Retail market offering at first, but it did slip into regular web shops.

Glen Garioch 15 Year Old Sherry Cask Matured Travel Retail (53.7%, ‚ā¨99,99)

: Cereals and sherry, lots of vanilla, also sherry spices of cinnamon and nutmeg. Dusty and limestone notes like in many other Glen Garioch whiskies, rubber, ginger, a touch of perfume but also unsavorable lactic note and cheese. Continue reading

Glen Garioch 23 Year Old 1991 Cadenhead Small Batch Review

I was preoccupied with other things, so today we have a quick post with tasting notes of a bit weird (in a good way I promise you) Glen Garioch. It’s a 1991 distillate, bottled in 2015 as part of the Small Batch series of WM Cadenhead.

There were 444 bottles produced of this Glen Garioch and it was bottled at 54.4%.

Glen Garioch 23 Year Old Cadenhead Small Batch 54.4%,¬†¬£81.79/‚ā¨129,99)

glen-garioch-23-year-old-1991-small-batch-wm-cadenhead-whiskyNose: Spicy, very dusty as many other Glen Garioch whiskies, crisp ex-bourbon, honey, pickles (!) and after it opens up a bit, peat smoke which isn’t a big surprise being a pre-1995 distillate.

Palate: Sour, lots of peat smoke, honey, fruity sweet with pears on the front, pepper, a touch of ginger, oak dryness and as expected, dusty.

Finish: Medium length, lingering peat smoke , drying, traces of pickles vinegar, sweet honey, pepper. Dusty (doh!) Continue reading

Whisky Review: Kintra Glen Garioch 22yo 1990 (Usquebaugh Society BTC 2014 #2)

I can’t really bask in the glory following my success yesterday. Day 2 of the blind tasting competition is here¬†so there’s no rest for the wicked winner ūüôā

Below you’ll find my notes (Nose/Palate/Finish) as written before the bottle revelation but here’s what I guessed it to be and why:

The initial whiff really confused me. maybe it’s¬†a Port Ellen or Rosebank with bad cask? But all it needed was a bit of time to show the sweet on front. but where is it from? it can be sherry but the sherry spiciness isn’t distinct and it didn’t boast the Oloroso or PX profile and was too sweet for Fino/Amontillado/Manzanilla sherry,¬†so¬†I lean toward wine impact. Hmm, maybe Amarona wine? If so, could it be Arran as they do have OB Amarona finish and there are some single casks around… It could be some highlands malt as well, but unlike yesterday I’ll stick to the first impression and will guess it to be Arran. Age & ABV? Arran doesn’t have over 18yo which are pretty new so will¬†go for 16yo and 48% as it felt weaker than yesterday’s dram.

So to sum up my guess: Arran, 16yo, 48%

Update:¬†Oh well,¬†0 points as it’s Glen Garioch 22yo from Kintra in a sherry butt.

Kintra Glen Garioch 22yo¬†(51.5%,¬†‚ā¨83¬†)

Continue reading

Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Glen Garioch 15 year old Renaissance 51.9%

Glen Garioch aren’t sitting on their hands¬†basking in the success of the¬†1998 Wine Cask Matured release earlier this year (which was a mystery blind dram and I loved it a lot!) and two months ago¬†released a new limited edition:¬†Glen Garioch The Renaissance 15 year old.

This release is the first of 4 limited (and exclusive) editions (15, 16, 17 & 18 year olds) to be released annually, aptly named Glen Garioch Renaissance Collection which is here to celebrate the new house character that Glen Garioch took after the re-opening in 1997 following the purchase of Morrison Bowmore by Suntory. As such, all whisky was distilled after 1997 to reflect the new distillery style.

This initial release was matured bourbon and sherry casks for 15 years and only 12,000 bottles were produced. Do they keep striking gold?  Continue reading

Social Media Distilled – Kristine and Jenny of Morrison Bowmore Distillers

MBD logo

It’s Monday but don’t despair – I have another installment in the ‘Social Media Distilled’ series. Grab a coffee, relax and meet Kristine & Jenny, the dynamic duo handling Digital Marketing for Morrison Bowmore Distillers group. Seen Bowmore, Auchentoshan and Glen Garioch activities on Facebook and Twitter? Kristine & Jenny are the professionals behind it.¬†Enjoy!

Please tell us a bit about yourself.

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Whisky Review – Glen Garioch #GGDrambassador Mystery Dram

A few weeks ago Glen Garioch posted¬†a public broadcast call to whisky bloggers offering¬†them to register for a chance to taste an upcoming ¬†new Glen Garioch whisky. This is quite the reverse of the standard situation where it’s¬†usually us the bloggers who chase the distilleries for samples ūüôā

I registered of course and completely forgot about it until a package showed up at my door few days ago:  Continue reading

Whisky Review – Cadenhead Glen Garioch 21yo 1991

Time for my first Glen Garioch and first Cadenhead notes on the blog. This one also came through samples swap I did with friends who likes this one very much.

This Glen Garioch is an ex-bourbon cask and like all Cadenhead bottlings, it’s been color-free and non-chilled filtered.

Cadenhead Glen Garioch 21yo 1991 (53.7%, ex-Bourbon cask,¬†216 bottles, buy here for¬†‚ā¨77.5)

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