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Deanston 8 Year Old Handfill (BTC 2017 Day 8)

Last night we had a very interesting whisky at the BTC 2017 event. For the 8th day we had an 8 year old whisky matured in wine cask from Deanston distillery.

This young handfill (bottled on 23.09.2017) whisky was quite whacky, delivering a leathery profile I’d usually associate with old mature whiskies and this is how I tried to guess. I also whiffed on the ABV as it carried a far higher ABV statement then what I felt. Thankfully I did get the region correctly, phew!

Deanston 8 Year Old Handfill (57.8%)

Nose: Sweet red fruit, sour wood spices, honey and vanilla lurking behind. Slowly some funk is showing up with diesel oils, black olives, and stronger sweet sticky red fruit and chocolate but it still retains that fruit sourness. After a while it’s getting very leathery and chocolaty mingled with some fresh sour yellow plums. Continue reading


Deanston 20 Year Old 55.3% Review

Another Deanston whisky review but this time it’s a limited edition cask strength Oloroso sherry whisky. Until now the widely available official releases have been ex-bourbon based, with special editions (such as Deanston Spanish Oak, wine casks and BYO) available at the distillery only, so it’s a good sign that Deanston embraces the sherry route for wider availability – we even got a few bottles of this in Israeli stores!

Deanston 20 Year Old (55.3%, 8400 bottles, £100/€129,50)

deanston 20 year oldNose: The creamy note is apparent here, with sweet honey and butterscotch, but slowly the sherry influence sneaks onto the stage. There’s dried fruit, fresh berries and dates. It must have been some old sherry refill as the impact isn’t too strong after 20 years. Oh, there’s vanilla too so maybe some american oak too? Continue reading

Deanston 18 Year Old 46.3% Review

Burns Stewart Distillers were busy last year with many new releases, from the 18yo for Deanston and Ledaig up to the 42yo Ledaig. I have found out (via Michael) that BSD official importer in Israel managed to bring a few crates of those new releases so it’s a good excuse to review some of them.

The first one on the operation table is the Deanston 18 Year Old. It was aged in hogsheads and then finished in first fill ex-bourbon casks for extra sweetness. As usual with BSD, it was bottled at the customary ABV of 46.3%

Deanston 18 Year Old (46.3%, £61.95/€107.50)

deanston 18 yoNose: Cereals, porridge and butterscotch, sweet honey and creamy, light vanilla, hay and meadow, almost flowery (but not), hints of huge spice to come on palate with white pepper as a teaser, nutty/almonds, pears and peaches and sweet oak.

Palate: Creamy and spicy, white pepper, honey, cereals porridge, bread dough, hay and meadow, gentle oak wood spiciness, semi-dry yet maintain rich feeling

Finish: Medium length, gentle bitterness of oak with a touch of grapefruits, creamy sweet honey,

Thoughts: Surprisingly better than I expected as the sweetness from the first fill barrels finish is balanced elegantly with the oak bitterness. The bottle price in UK is very reasonable and would recommend one for that price but the price in Europe and in Israel (around 110 Euro) is too high. Too bad.

Scotland Trip – Whisky Tour at Deanston Distillery

So after 2+ years of dreaming, 6 months planning, October 2013 arrived and I finally embarked and went on my first ever whisky trip. I wasn’t alone and took with my my good friend Rotem and together we went on a 8 days tour of whisky and some music.

So after 2 flights with lengthy night layover in Istanbul we arrived to Edinburgh, rented a car and went up north to Speyside.

welcome to edinburgh

Welcome to Edinburgh! Home of the whisky (sort of)

Continue reading