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A very early preview of a new Israeli distillery – Review of Golan Heights Distillery spirits

Almost two years ago there was a big earthquake here. Well, not a real physical earthquake as you may think but for the local alcohol and whisky scene it was an earthquake of magnitude 9 – the tax scheme on alcohol changed and with it, the doors for larger base of whisky and single malt whisky drinkers got opened wide.

And just like mushrooms after the rain, new web shops selling single malts were born, whisky clubs were founded and whatddoyouknow – a few distilleries were founded as well! Some are already working and some are still in newborn steps, going forward carried on the dreams of their founders.

One of those distilleries is the Golan Heights Distillery. The distillery, sitting in the northern part of Israel (just like another forthcoming distillery) is not in a dream state anymore as it’s already half way to real production. There are stills, equipment, barley, fresh water from a nearby spring, casks from the nearby big wine producer and even some trial whisky already being aged in casks.

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