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Glenglassaugh Peated Wood Finishes – Virgin Oak and Port – Review

This review is the sequel to yesterday’s post. Yesterday we covered the 2 unpeated wood finishes from Glenglassaugh distillery and today we’ll check out the two peated expressions in the Glenglassaugh wood finishes series.

There’s a virgin oak finish and a Port wood finish which piqued my interest as I reviewed the Glendronach (sibling distillery) Peated Port finish only last week and as far as I could see, they have the same color too, so I was interested to see what difference there is between the two.

Glenglassaugh Peated Virgin Oak Wood Finish (46%, £59.95/€44.49)

Nose: Very sweet at first. Sweet peat with sweet oak spices, vanilla and dried coconut flakes. After a minute there’s clean smoke but when left to its own devices for a little while more there’s sea breeze on hot wood deck, honeyed fruits: peaches and apricots. Continue reading


Glenglassaugh Wood Finishes – Port and PX Sherry – Review

Glenglassaugh distillery is the quiet little sibling in the Glendronach/BenRiach/Glenglassaugh group which was bought by Forman Brown back in 2016.

Billy Walker and BenRiach Distillery bought Glenglassaugh back in 2013 and except for a small burst of releases in the first 2 years after the acquisition (Revival, Evolution and Torfa), we didn’t any new releases from the spirit distilled after the distillery was revived until the new wood finishes releases late 2017.

There were four releases in total, two unpeated expressions and two peated expressions, all finished in different casks, all bottled at 46%.

Today we’ll check the tow unpeated expressions – The Port wood which was finished in ruby Port pipes and the PX wood which was finished in, well, Pedro Ximenéz casks…

Glenglassaugh Port Wood Finish (46%, £54.95/€44,90)

Nose: Malty, Sweet citrus blossoms and a tiny bit floral , unripe strawberries and cranberries, nutty and brioche. Continue reading

Whisky Review & Tasting Notes – Glenglassaugh Torfa

Glenglassaugh is the latest baby project of Billy Walker. The Benriach group purchased the distillery in 2013 from the previous owners (who restarted the distillery in 2008 after it was mothballed for 20 years) and if we have learned anything from past experience, Billy Walker knows his stuff.

BenRiach and Glendronach both excels with billy at the helm as evidenced by the growing list of awards, medals and positive reviews for the whiskies they released in the last few years. Can we expect the same from Glenglassaugh?

In the last few years, we had a few releases of bottlings from the old stock before it was mothballed in 1986, among them the 40 yo and a series of single cask releases (a-la Benriach/Glendronach), but there were also new releases with whisky distilled post 2008 when it started production again.

Torfa is the first peated whisky from Glenglassaugh with 20ppm and it was matured in ex-bourbon barrels. Can we expect more magic from Billy Walker here? Continue reading

Whisky News – AnCnoc peated range, Ardbeg Auriverdes, J&B Urban Honey, Glenglassaugh Torfa, Arran 17yo

It’s been a while since I posted some industry whisky news but there were some interesting new releases this week – AnCnoc venture into peated whisky, so does Glenglassaugh. The annual Ardbeg bottling is officially announced (although details were found via the TTB site a few months ago), new Arran 17yo and flavored whisky (well, a spirit, as you can’t call this whisky). Continue reading

Whisky News – Mortlach expansion, new batch #9 of Glendronach Single Cask bottlings and Glenglassaugh 40yo

It’s almost X-mas period where news are fading while everybody celebrates, but this week wasn’t too quiet!

Diageo Lines Up Mortlach Single Malt Launch Amid Ongoing Expansion In Speyside

Diageo has announced the rebirth of Mortlach™, one of the most formidable and revered Single Malt Scotch Whiskies to have been created on Speyside.

mortlach_logoFor decades, Mortlach’s output has been largely captured by Diageo’s blenders to add its unique notes to complex world-class Blended Scotch whiskies – though in recent times, a very limited number of bottles of Mortlach Single Malt Whisky have been available, and sold rapidly to connoisseurs in the know.

But now for the first time, and in response to suggestions over the years that such a rewarding Single Malt Whisky deserved a wider market, it will be available in global markets in four expressions aimed at global travel and the luxury and connoisseur segment: Rare Old, Special Strength, 18-year-old and 25-year-old.

Mortlach has been described by whisky connoisseurs as “The Beast of Dufftown”, for its rich and powerful flavours, produced in an astonishingly complicated and unique distillation process which commentators have attempted to explain as ‘2.81 Distilled’.

Just as both generations of Cowies made major investments to expand and improve their distillery, so they would undoubtedly be proud to note that its present owners (as announced in April 2013) are investing to double the distillery’s capacity and promote its whiskies widely – a statement of intent and ambition that George and Alexander would surely endorse. The expansion will include the building of a new stillhouse, which will replicate the bewilderingly complex distillation process which makes Mortlach™ unique.

The new Mortlach expressions will be available in selected markets in mid-2014. Further details of pricing, distribution and packaging will be released in early 2014.

GlenDronach releases latest batch of its single cask bottlings

AWARD-WINNING GLENDRONACH has today, 3 December, released Batch 9 of its succulent single cask bottlings, selected as always by Master Blender Billy Walker.

The magnificent nine, ranging from 41 to 18 years old, share GlenDronach’s typically richly-sherried signature taste complemented by notes of almonds, cherries, raisins, prunes and lime…even cracked black pepper, cocoa beans and red chilli sauce!


 Six were matured in Pedro Ximenez sherry puncheons while the other three come from Oloroso sherry butts. The result is a swirling and mesmerising range of expressions – from delicate sweetness to puckering malt monsters.

The oldest is a 41 year-old Oloroso sherry butt distilled in February 1972 – cask # 702. Bottled at 51.7% vol, this veteran is a complex, fiery wonder – rich dark oak edged with deep ruby. On the nose, it gives sumptuous depths of classic sour cherries dusted with gentle toasted almonds. And on the palate, it’s a beautifully elegant vintage sherry style bursting with a combination of dark espresso, molasses, herbs and oak spices.

And as a contrast, the youngest in the batch is an 18 year-old distilled in April 1995. This Pedro Ximenez sherry puncheon, cask number 3302, was bottled at 53.7% vol. It is rich golden burnt amber in appearance. On the nose, vibrant citrus zest combines with touches of wild mint and oak spice while on the palate an initial sweet chocolate and vanilla fullness moves to a delicate lasting zest and herb note.

The batch details are:

1972 cask # 702 / 41 years old / Oloroso Sherry Butt / 51.7% vol

1985 cask # 1035 / 27 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 53.7%vol

1989 cask # 5470 / 23 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 49.2%vol

1990 cask # 1243 / 23 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 50.6%vol

1991 cask # 5405 / 21 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 49.9%vol

1992 cask # 195 / 21 years old / Oloroso Sherry Butt / 59.8%vol

1993 cask # 5 / 20 years old / Oloroso Sherry Butt  / 53.0%vol

1994 cask # 3385 / 19 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 53.4%vol

1995 cask # 3302 / 18 years old / Pedro Ximenez Sherry Puncheon / 53.7%vol


GLENGLASSAUGH distillery today, December 3, proudly launches its sumptuous 40 year-old single malt whisky.

With sherry notes complementing the fruit medley and array of spices, it’s typical, classic, gorgeous Glenglassaugh, a 40 year-old marriage of malt and oak and an outstanding representation of this rare and enduring Highland-style dram.

It has an initial run of around 800 bottles but it will be an ongoing product in our range, says Managing Director and Master Blender Billy Walker.

His personal tasting notes show that this is a truly magnificent malt where flavours and styles interlink beautifully to deliver seductive silky sweetness. At 42.5% vol, cask strength, non-chill filtered and at natural colour, this unique expression is full of character and complexity.

Glenglassaugh40YOColour: Deep gold.

Nose:  An abundance of sweet, syrupy tropical fruits; banana, pineapple and mango in perfect harmony with gentle Oloroso sherry.

Palate:  Sweet, rich, syrupy and complex. Oloroso sherry, toffee apples, mango and banana sit beautifully in the mouth alongside ginger and cocoa spice.

Finish:  Rich, spiced sherry.

Founded in 1875 by local entrepreneur James Moir, Glenglassaugh has stocks dating back to 1963 and was taken over by BenRiach earlier this year. In August, the owners released their first Glenglassaugh bottling – a superb 30 year-old single malt – and the new 40 year-old continues the Portsoy distillery’s ability to subtly merge tropical fruits with sherry and gentle oak spice.

Billy Walker said: “We’ve inherited some astonishingly fine whisky at Glenglassaugh and we’re delighted to launch our second expression almost nine months after taking over the distillery. There is very strong demand for Glenglassaugh around the world.”