Ledaig 2005 11 Year Old Cask #900161 (The Single Malts of Scotland) Review

Last week I reviewed three Ledaig matured in bourbon and a friend of mine who read the post asked me if he was correct in his assumption that I didn’t like them too much. My answer was that I just prefer Ledaig in other types of casks.

And my favorite type of cask for Ledaig? That would be first fill sherry casks. Over the last few years we’ve seen a glut of 2004/2005 Ledaigs matured in first fill sherry casks (9001xx cask numbers) and those I’ve tasted were good (here is a review of one that was bottled for Specs in Texas) . but I especially liked the Signatory releases due to the dirtiness and the tiny amount of sulphur there that elevated them to a good and interesting whisky.

So here’s a review of another Ledaig in sherry cask, this time a 2005 vintage from cask 900161 that produced 564 bottles after being bottled in July 2016 by Speciality Drinks Ltd under the Single Malts of Scotland brand.

Ledaig 2005 11 Year Old Cask #900161 (The Single Malts of Scotland) (56.8%, £65)

Nose: Smooth and sweet earthy peat and it does has that dirt note albeit weak. Slowly the red fruit show up, a mix of berries: blue and red berries, and a dry bonfire smoke and charcoal. Continue reading

Bunnahabhain Moine Oloroso Review

The Bunnahabhain Moine Oloroso is a recently released limited edition by Bunnahabhain distillery that features their heavily peated spirit, released under the Moine label, matured in Oloroso sherry casks and bottled in cask strength of 60.1%.

From my own experience, peat and sherry works together quite well if they are given enough time to mature and so that magic will happen. However, we don’t know how old is the Moine Oloroso but I think we can assume it’s relatively young. So the question is: did it spent enough time in the casks (and wasn’t rushed out)?

Bunnahabhain Moine Oloroso  (60.1%, £77.65)

Nose: Heavy bonfire smoke at first, pretty clean and dry, gentle and warm sweet dried fruit, think more purple than red, un-burnt charcoal, soaked raisins, figs, really easy going despite the high ABV. Giving it some more time in the glass it opens up a bit. There’s more punch and more dried fruit sweetness  and dark chocolate, some freshness and fresh red fruit. Very good balance for its age (it’s young one, right?). With a few drops of water it’s fresher and there’s less smoke so naturally more dried fruit. Continue reading

A Trio of Young Bourbon Matured Ledaig Review

Following yesterday’s duo we’ll go one step further and have a Trio review. Yup! Three whiskies reviewed today.

I’ve decided to go “Ledaig matured in bourbon casks” theme today. Why? Well, the obvious answer is “because I can” but also because I do like Ledaig and last year it became somewhat fashionable (but thankfully prices are still reasonable).

So let’s start. The first one and the youngest of them all is a Ledaig 2008 from Signatory. a vatting of two casks (Casks 700752+700753) that were distilled 13.5.2008 and bottled 8.3.2016. It was diluted to 46% and so we have a nice yield of 691 Bottles.

Ledaig 2008 7 Year Old Signatory (46%)

Nose: Sweet nose with sweet earthy peat but the dilution is somewhat felt, honey, malt and slowly we get some bonfire smoke and lemon peels as well.

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A Duo of Blackadder Rum Cask Finish Amrut Review

Whisky is favorite spirit drink but I also like a good glass of proper rum (preferably without added sugar or other additions), so I’m a big fanboy of whisky matured (or finished) in a rum cask, and I’m not the only one in my friends group.

Then came the opportunity to taste and compare two whiskies which are almost twins. They were both distilled in same distillery  (Amrut distillery), probably of the same age (or close to) and bottled by the same bottler (Blackadder) so there’s a pretty good chance both casks may come from the same casks batch purchased by Blackadder. But then, I said they are almost twins, just almost and that’s because there’s one big influential difference – The Rum type.

One of the whiskies was finished in a Guadalupe rum cask and the other was finished in a Jamaican rum cask – totally different kind of rum with different Rum characteristics and influence. Let’s check how the different rum cask influenced the Amrut spirit and which one was the winner

Blackadder Amrut Guadeloupe Rum Finish (61.1%, The Nectar 10th Anniversary, €113.99)

Nose: The bourbon cask used for the bulk of it’s maturating is undeniable here with strong maltiness, honey, dust and spices. But there’s added sweetness from the rum cask – Banana and demerara sugar along with menthol, now some coconut and dried apricots. Continue reading

Glenburgie 1998 17 Year Old (The Single Malts of Scotland) Review

It’s Sunday and it’s been a while (yet again) since the last review so here’s a quick review of a summer-time whisky. It’s hailing from Glenburgie distillery which doesn’t have an official bottlings as most of it’s production goes into Ballantine’s and other blends from Pernod Ricard.

This whisky was distilled back in 1998, it slubered in cask #9914 for 17 years before bottled for our enjoyment by Speciality Drinks under The Single Malts of Scotland brand.

Glenburgie 1998 17 Year Old  (The Single Malts of Scotland) (54.1% )

Nose: Starts with creamy porridge, lime, grass, lemongrass, a meadow or orchard on spring day with pears, apples, stone fruit (a bit sour), green melon and after a few minutes, a big fruity note with barley sugar. Continue reading

Diageo 2017 Special Releases Bottle Information

it seems like the information on Diageo Special Releases 2017 has started to trickle out as four new labels from Diageo distilleries has popped up in the TTB database and they aren’t of the more familiar brands in their portfolio:

  • Teaninich 17 Year Old (200th Anniversary) – 55.9%
  • Port Dundas 52 Year Old – 46.6%, 752 bottles
  • Glen Elgin 18 Year Old – 54.8%, 5352 bottles
  • Blair Athol 23 Year Old – 58.4%, 5514 bottles

Update (24/4/2017) – WhiskyExperts.net has published information on more bottles in the SP17 release:

  • Brora 1982 34 Year Old – 51.9%, 3000 bottles
  • Port Ellen 1979 37 Year Old – 51%, 2988 bottles
  • Convalmore 32 Year Old – 48.2%, 3972 bottles
  • Caol Ila 18 Year Old – 59.8%
  • Lagavulin 12 Year Old – 56.5%,

So far no mention of the annual Lagavulin 12/Caol Ila unpeated releases and we can be pretty sure more bottles will be added (Will we see Brora/Port Ellen this year?). The post will be updated when more information will be available.

Here are the labels from the TTB database:

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New Ardbeg is coming: Ardbeg Twenty Something 23 Year Old

Seems like Ardbeg is preparing a new release for the rich among us. A new label shows they intend to release another whisky from the stock that was distilled prior to the current owners regime (with Ardbeg 21 being the first one). The label states it was bottled in 2017 after being aged for 23 years so it’s a 1993/1994 spirit distilled when Ardbeg was part of Allied distillers.

The label hints at a series of releases as the title is Ardbeg Twenty Something so we could (and probably will) see other future releases that carry 2x age statements.

Will it be released in time for the next month Feis Ile? Stay tuned.