Glenglassaugh Peated Wood Finishes – Virgin Oak and Port – Review

This review is the sequel to yesterday’s post. Yesterday we covered the 2 unpeated wood finishes from Glenglassaugh distillery and today we’ll check out the two peated expressions in the Glenglassaugh wood finishes series.

There’s a virgin oak finish and a Port wood finish which piqued my interest as I reviewed the Glendronach (sibling distillery) Peated Port finish only last week and as far as I could see, they have the same color too, so I was interested to see what difference there is between the two.

Glenglassaugh Peated Virgin Oak Wood Finish (46%, £59.95/€44.49)

Nose: Very sweet at first. Sweet peat with sweet oak spices, vanilla and dried coconut flakes. After a minute there’s clean smoke but when left to its own devices for a little while more there’s sea breeze on hot wood deck, honeyed fruits: peaches and apricots. Continue reading


Glenglassaugh Wood Finishes – Port and PX Sherry – Review

Glenglassaugh distillery is the quiet little sibling in the Glendronach/BenRiach/Glenglassaugh group which was bought by Forman Brown back in 2016.

Billy Walker and BenRiach Distillery bought Glenglassaugh back in 2013 and except for a small burst of releases in the first 2 years after the acquisition (Revival, Evolution and Torfa), we didn’t any new releases from the spirit distilled after the distillery was revived until the new wood finishes releases late 2017.

There were four releases in total, two unpeated expressions and two peated expressions, all finished in different casks, all bottled at 46%.

Today we’ll check the tow unpeated expressions – The Port wood which was finished in ruby Port pipes and the PX wood which was finished in, well, Pedro Ximenéz casks…

Glenglassaugh Port Wood Finish (46%, £54.95/€44,90)

Nose: Malty, Sweet citrus blossoms and a tiny bit floral , unripe strawberries and cranberries, nutty and brioche. Continue reading

Tomatin Cu Bocan 2006 Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed something from Tomatin Distillery so let’s check out their latest peated whisky, Cu Bocan 2006 which was released last fall.

Cu Bocan 2006 is vatting of sherry and bourbon casks from 2006, so the whisky is 10 or 11 year old. It was bottled at 50% and 12,000 bottles were made available around the world.

Tomatin Cù Bòcan 2006 (50%, £49.45/€56.50)

Nose: Malty, subtle honey and then sweet peat. Feels light and fresh and after a few minutes, bread and cookies dough, a bit of vanilla, weak pears and peaches. After some more oxidization there are soft smoked red fruit. With a few drops of water more fruitiness with stronger peaches smell, less malt/bread and very subtle smoke. Continue reading

Golan Heights Distillery Golani Black Cask #24 (For Whisky Live Tel-Aviv 2018) Review

Whisky Live Tel-Aviv 2018 is happening right now and along the new Milk and Honey release there’s another new release – a new single cask offering from Golan Heights Distillery. It’s a new cask (number #24) of Golani Black (distilled mash of malted barley and wheat), matured for 37 months in a virgin American oak cask.

This time, there’s a real nice touch to the release – it’s a “bottle your own” offering as you actually fill the bottle from the cask during the show. Real cool thing!

Like with previous Golan Heights Distillery releases, it’s a non chill filtered whisky, natural colored and this cask was bottled at natural cask strength, a whopping 61.9% ABV.

Golan Heights Distillery Golani Black Cask #24 (For Whisky Live Tel-Aviv 2018) (61.9%, 241NIS)

Nose: There’s lots of toffee and butterscotch (I shouldn’t be surprised with this note by now), mint, herbs, honey, orange peels and honeyed lemon tea. Continue reading

Glendronach Peated Port Wood Finish Review

The Glendronach Peated Port Wood that was released last November is the second Peated release from the distillery. The first one, which was young and is a straightforward bourbon maturation whisky raised my brows because it wasn’t a proper Dronach for me.

But this second release, which had a second maturation in port pipes from the Douro Valley in Portugal, could fit the Glendronach image because we’ve seen port finishes from the distillery albeit at a far more aged whisky.

Glendronach Peated Port Wood Finish (46%, £59.95/€56,95)

Nose: Clean peat, young malt notes, strawberries and lots of cranberries, mezcal, and a vegetal notes that come and go, vanilla. After a few minutes there’s soft smoke and berries perfume, real nice. Continue reading

Milk and Honey Experimental Cask #2 (Lightly Peated) Review

Whisky Live Tel-Aviv 2018 is starting tomorrow. I already reviewed the special show bottling (a 37 yo Port Ellen), but there are a few more interesting new releases for the Whisky Live show and the first one is the second single malt whisky from Milk and Honey Distillery.

The Milk and Honey distillery released their first single malt whisky in 2017 and now the distillery releases it’s second one for Whisky Live 2018, both whiskies bottled by the distillery under the Experimental casks series brand.

What are those experimental casks? It’s quite simple. A few casks were distilled back in 2014 at the beginning of the road for the distillery, from before there was a permanent location and before most of the equipment was installed. The distillery’s master distiller Tomer Goren distilled those different casks, with the help of the late Dr. Jim Swan (The distillery adviser), in order to play and find out how different new makes will behave and develop in our climate.

This specific cask (cask 2014-0002) was distilled in April 2014 from a lightly peated malt (using local peat source!) and bottled in November 2017 after 43 months. The whisky spent its first 32 months in a virgin oak (american oak) cask and then was finished for additional 11 months in ex-bourbon cask in the distillery warehouse in Tel-Aviv.

A total of 324 bottles (500 ml) were made from this cask and it’s will be available to purchase at Whisky Live Tel-Aviv 2018 this coming Wednesday and Thursday.

Milk and Honey Experimental Cask #2, Lightly Peated (46%, 449NIS/~$130)

Nose: Sweet, slightly smoky, pears and a bit of apricot, fresh oak spices, vanilla, gentle maltiness and white pepper. Rounded and mellow, feels way older than 3 years old (local climate works its wonder). Continue reading

BenRiach Authenticus 30 Year Old Review

Following yesterday’s review of BenRiach 21 Four Oak let’s have another BenRiach review for the road for those who goes back to work today after the beautiful spring weekend.

Since it was a great weekend, full of greenery and flowers, let’s review something special, a very old peated BenRiach, the BenRiach Authenticus 30 Years Old.

The 30 Year Old is the logical successor after BenRiach has released following the 21 Year Old and 25 Year Old in the past,  it’s a non chill filtered, au naturale colour and bottled at 46%.

BenRiach Authenticus 30 Years Old (46%, £300/€498)

Nose: Great mellow and subtle smoke and you feel the age impact on the peat. Sweet honeyed fruit, and just like with the 35 yo it has a tropical edge, melon, peach, and kiwi but laced with smoke. After a while also pink grapefruit.  Velvety and perfumey. Continue reading