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Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Tobermory 20 Year Old (Whisky Broker)

Time to divulge into a distillery I’m not too familiar with: Tobermory Distillery from the Isle of Mull. I’ve recently tasted and reviewed their official 10 Year Old bottling (see here), but there aren’t too many officail bottlings to help exploring the distillery. They provide only 10yo and 15yo so we have to resort to indie single casks releases (Yeah, sad thing, I know… ūüėČ )

Let’s check a 20 Year old offering from the relatively unknown (yet a favorite of mine) Scottish bottler Whisky Broker.

The whisky comes from Hogshead number 188063, it was distilled 14th June 1994 and bottled 18th November 2014.

Tobermory 20 Year Old (Whisky Broker) (51.1%, 285 bottles, £40.50)

Tobermory 20 Whisky BrokerNose: Starts with perfumed notes, vanilla and peaches. It masquerade as 100% clear and fresh nose but soon it becomes a  bit musty and heavier with lemon curd, cream, cookie dough, a big dash of mint and lemon. Association of baking in the kitchen with open window to the back yard during spring morning. Continue reading


Whisky Review – Tobermory 10 Year Old (46.3%)

I’m taking part in (yet another) blind tasting competition. This time it’s an event organized for the local wine & alcohol forum. The first entry was Tomatin 14 which I reviewed in the past and failed to recognized it. The 2nd one was Tobermory 10 (the newer version with the higher ABV). I failed to recognized it but did get some points for guessing the age correctly ūüôā

Tobermory 10 Year Old (46.3%, £29.45)

tobermory 10 new 46.3Nose: Heavy notes of malt, ‘dirty’ hay, honey and vanilla. This one is surely young as there are whiffs of¬†new make notes and lots of malt. Given some time there’s a bit of milk chocolate, , sour berries¬†with¬†sugary sweetness which then develop and almost overtake the malt/honey/hay combo with strong strawberries¬†note.
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