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Arran ‘The Bothy’ Quarter Cask (Batch #3)

Almost 3 years I reviewed the first batch of Arran ‘The Bothy’ which is Arran’s offering of a young yet fast matured cask strength whisky to the masses. It’s matured 1st Fill American Oak Ex-Bourbon Barrels before a legnthy finish in small (Quarter size) casks.

This third batch was bottled a year ago in September 2017 at 53.2%. 13,800 bottles were circulated from this batch and some are still available although the majority of the Arran ‘The Bothy’ bottles in the markets are from the 4th batch.

Arran ‘The Bothy’ Quarter Cask Batch #3 (53.2%, £46/€44.95)

Nose: Somewhat muted at first so lets give it a few minutes to open up. Then we have pears, apricot and honey sweetness. Slowly rocks dust note comes up, baked pears, cake dough and vanilla, After a while it gets fruiter and sweeter. Continue reading

Arran Distillery expands: A new distillery site to be built on the south coast of Arran

Arran whisky lovers – rejoice!

the arran bannerThe Arran Banner weekly newspaper revealed this weekend (12 March 2016) that a new distillery site is set to be built in south Arran by Isle of Arran Distillers Ltd.


the arran banner headline

Continue reading

Arran The Bothy Batch 1 Review

2015 was a packed year for Arran with a lot of releases and the last one, released last October, is Arran ‘The Bothy’ which is a homage  to the use of small casks used for whisky back in the 18th & 19th centuries.

Arran ‘The Bothy’ is initially matured in first-fill ex-Bourbon barrels which should impart some good and juicy fruit notes and then finished in quarter casks (for spiciness and vanilla notes) for a period of over 18 months.

12,000 bottles were made and it was bottled at cask strength of 55.7%

Arran The Bothy Batch 1 (55.7%, £54.45/€59,99)

arran the bothy batch 1Nose: Starts with a pleasant fruity, sweet and cream nose. A lot of pears and a dash of apricots. There are also hints of wood spices and pepper . Also showing up: honey and green oak barks. With additional time in the glass it gets more malty with barley and cereals, additional youth notes and vanilla. Continue reading

Whisky Review: Arran 2000 Private Cask #1106

Following the sad and tragic events this weekend I thought of reviewing some good whisky to boost my mood. The choice fell on a bit sweet whisky to fight the sour and bitter taste in my mouth – a 14 year old single cask Arran, that was bottled for The Whisky Exchange.

Arran 2000 Private Cask #1106 (55.5%, 197 bottles ,£70.95)

arran 2000 private cask 1106Nose: Quite a bold and aggressive nose,  chalky, fruity, vanilla and honey, pears, peaches, pear drops, dark and deep hue fruit juice, whiffs of pineapple. Concentrated red apples juice, soursweet candies. A very rich and fabulous nose. My money here is on a 1st fill cask. Continue reading

Whisky Review – Arran 17 Year old

My previous experience with Arran whisky isn’t extensive – I did taste a few Arran whiskies in stores and even SMWS one (which I blogged here and I have heard lots of good things on other indie bottlings) and the quality is very good and improving with time, so when Arran 17 yo went on sale, I picked it and hoped it will be as good as expected.

Bear in mind that Arran distillery is young. It only celebrated 19 year old 1-2 months ago and as such it has a long way to go, catch our eyes and build up their reputation. so every release is important on this road. Continue reading

Social Media Distilled – Jaclyn McKie

Amazing thing happened this morning which is hard to believe: It’s Monday again!

It means that today we continue with “Social Media Distilled” interviews and this time in our series: how does a relatively new distillery handles social media.

Allow me to introduce the lady behind Arran Distillery marketing and internet presence – Jaclyn McKie.

Please tell us a bit about yourself. Continue reading

Whisky News – AnCnoc peated range, Ardbeg Auriverdes, J&B Urban Honey, Glenglassaugh Torfa, Arran 17yo

It’s been a while since I posted some industry whisky news but there were some interesting new releases this week – AnCnoc venture into peated whisky, so does Glenglassaugh. The annual Ardbeg bottling is officially announced (although details were found via the TTB site a few months ago), new Arran 17yo and flavored whisky (well, a spirit, as you can’t call this whisky). Continue reading