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Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Craigellachie 11 Year Old Old Malt Cask

The second Craigellachie review in the series and this time a 11 year old offering from Hunter Laing, matured in a sherry cask and was bottled exclusively to the duty free store in TLV airport. As it was priced decently it was an easy choice to buy by many malt-heads here.

Craigellachie 11 Old Malt Cask (50%, TLV Duty Free Exclusive, $71.9)

craigellachie 11 omc tlvNose: Malt with young fresh berries, cherries, meaty and chewy with light sulphur note of unlit matches, sour apples, all those with sweet forest berries on the side. With water added spices of nutmeg and cinnamon. Continue reading


Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Hunter Laing Highland Journey 46.2%

Last month the blended malt whisky market got suddenly crowded when we got not one but two new highlands blended malt whiskies.

Racing neck to neck are Hunter Laing with their new Highland Journey release and Douglas Laing with Timorous Beastie. Yup, the Laing companies that formed 1.5 years ago are competing one against each other.

But are they? Do they target the same audience?

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Whisky Review – Hunter Laing Glenturret 1986 26 yo

It’s Monday and a new week started, so let’s start it big with a new Glenturret whisky. I almost visited Glenturret last October, but due to time constraints, it didn’t materialized. Too bad, as I love to see small scale distilleries in action – getting the cozy and personal touch.

As a relatively small distillery,  which is considered as the spiritual home of The Famous Grouse, and I assume most of their production goes toward this blend, they do not provide many official single malt bottlings, with only 10 yo Glenturret as official bottling.

But now, a new semi-official older bottling is here – Glenturret worked together with Hunter Laing to create a (much) older “licensed botling” – a 26 years old whisky, distilled at 1986, aged entirely in bourbon casks, selected and bottled by their Master Distiller Gordon Motion.

So how is this “licensed bottling”?

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Whisky Review – Old Malt Cask (OMC) Macallan 15yo Cask #4716

Few weeks ago I’ve been in Speyside tasting event which I happened to revisit some whiskies I had before but also taste some new drams (always a great experience) and one of them was a bit oldie Old Malt Cask Macallan aged 15yo which I review today.

As you probably know, the Old Malt Cask (OMC from now on), was a very successful and popular brand which belonged to the original Douglas Laing company. Last year, the company split to 2 companies – Douglas Laing (retaining old name and some of the brands) and Hunter Laing who got the OMC brand.

So old OMC bottling and a Macallan (before they ventured onto Fine Oak stuff), it must be good, ah?

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Whisky Visit – Hunter Laing HQ, Glasgow

Earlier this year, The original Douglas Laing company shocked the whisky world announcing it was breaking down to 2 companies: Douglas Laing (which retained the original name and HQ) headed by Fred Laing, joined by his daughter Cara and the new Hunter Laing company headed by Stewart Laing with his 2 sons Scot and Andrew.

I was very curious to hear and see how the new company has setup and what are their plans so I reached out to them and setup a visit at their new HQ.


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