My whisky of the year 2012

Yeah I know, we’re deep into into 2013, but this is my (new) blog so I’ll do whatever I want – now is my time to declare on my WotY 2012 🙂

Of course, I’ll stick to whiskies which I actually tasted this year and although I didn’t taste hundreds of whiskies, I was lucky enough to taste some very good drams and even own a few of those.

So my whisky of the year is: *drums please*

Benriach Solstice 2nd Edition (50%, Bourbon / Tawny Port Finish)

My brother in law brought me a bottle from cold Vienna over a year ago (January 2012), and boy – what a wintery dram is it… even the color is amazing – dark winery amber, just lovely!

Benriach Solstice 17

Benriach Solstice 17

Nose: peat.. you can’t mistake this. This one is heavily peated, but it’s not hammering straightforward into your brain – the peat is civilized, mellow and sweet. The Port finish shines with berries, sweet raisins – they actually mesh together in harmony.

Palate: starts with the port and then the peat comes in! oranges, spices. fades a bit and shows some roasted BBQ wood bitterness

Finish: berries, and some chocolate. very long and the peat lingers forever.

Conclusion: Peat and Port in a good way – I’ve read that many bottles of this combination cannot make it work, but this one does! Amazingly even now after a full year has passed there are bottles left in the original price – go get a bottle!

Rate: Go get a bottle while you can!


1 thought on “My whisky of the year 2012

  1. רוני

    Hubby! what a lovely surprise it is, to read your words after almost 20 years of you reading mine.
    I love this. maybe a little tempted to taste some of those bottles that keep coming in…


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