Whisky Review – Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve

It’s still Canada week and it’s time for the last part of this week special of Canada whisky.

The first one (Lot No. 40) is here

The second one (Alberta Premium Dark Horse) is here

This time we’re going for Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve.

This is quite a unique whisky since it’s prepared using barrels made of Canadian Oak. It’s the same Oak specie as American Oak (Quercus alba), but since it’s grown in Canada, where weather is much colder and harsher, the growth is slower and it produces denser wood, which in turn leads to more condensed flavours and different set of oak impact.

Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve, lot #1867B, bottle #02815 (3yo, 40%)

Forty Creek Confederation Oak ReserverNose: despite low ABV there’s a huge alcohol punch at first, then strong vanilla notes comes up,  creamy, sweet maple, oranges notes develops over time.

Palate: strong butterscotch at first, then sweet maple and vanilla punch, very chewy which dissipate into combination of sweet and sour fruits

Finish: medium long, leaving tingling burning sensation at the back of the mouth which gradually turns into final featherlight wood notes

Conclusion: Unlike previous 2 Canadian expressions, this one isn’t Rye Whisky and is more like bourbon/whisky combo. Very rich and yummy expression.


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