Whisky Review – EDDU Silver

Just like my previous whisky review, this one was tasted in the Dramming Freestyle blind tasting contest.

Oliver managed to get another unusual whisky for that contest – French whisky made from Buckwheat instead of barley.

As you probably know by now that Single Malt Whisky is made from barley, while most blends are made from some combination of malt, corn, wheat and rye. However, EDDU silver is unique for its made from buckwheat.


Seems like buckwheat was once very popular in Brittany region – for it provided stable and high yield of grains despite the poor and acidic Breton soils. So naturally, it was also used to produce Whisky in the region – EDDU means buckwheat in the Breton language.

EDDU Silver is produced from a double distillation in a pot still heated by a direct flame and called ALAMBIC (more information on this unique technique can be found here) and resulted spirit is matured in French oak casks.

In the contest, I had no idea what was this one and guessed it to be Scotch, NAS and 46% ABV. As you see, I nailed 1 of 3 (barely…)

So here we have whisky made from unique grain, using old and rarely used distillation technique, does it have unique taste?

EDDU Silver (NAS, 40% ABV, €44)

eddu silverNose: There are definitely some wine notes here, it does smells sweet. Surprise – after a bit while, there are also some malty notes here… it smells a bit dry and tannic and overall it’s not very complex nose

Palate: unique blend of flavors here, very smooth, sweet wine, bit metallic, oak and vanilla joins the party just before it ends.

Finish: medium length. oak and the unique flavor which I assume is from the buckwheat.

Conclusion: Initially it does smell like wine finished malt whisky but on Palate it transforms into something completely different and we get into wine and wine soaked grains territory. It’s a very strange and unique whisky. Everyone should try it at least once.


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