Whisky Review – SMWS 29.124 Pregnancy Tea Mix

If you’re following my recent whisky reviews, you probably know I love Islay and peated whisky. But I admit that I have a very soft spot for Laphroaig – it was my first true single malt taste and I love their core range of bottles – the QC, 10yo, 18yo and the PX but never tasted indie Laphroaig bottling until this one.

Mike, the mind behind Abbey Whisky shop (great online whisky which you can visit here) celebrated his firstborn with a contest for this dram and I was the lucky one win this!

This one is bottled by the famous SMWS  – The Scotch Malt Whisky Society, which bottle different single malt whisky from different distilleries for a very affordable price and have some great whisky bars/lounges around the world (I will visit the Edinburgh one in this coming October!) – I’d probably be member of if I’d live in UK and if you live there, you  should really be member of this club if you like whisky.

So first indie Laphroaig and SMWS bottling for me – should be good ah?

SMWS 29.124 Pregnancy Tea Mix (56.9%, 20yo, refill ex-sherry butt, 549 bottles)

SMWS-29.124Nose: Starts with classic and lovely trademark Laphroaig notes – peat, iodine, seaside smell, lots of salty notes in this one and it’s strong and very fresh – feels very young (although aged for 20yo). After 5 minutes in the glass, prominent notes of lemon and ginger, honey, spearmint. Did I already say it’s very fresh? With added water, the spearmint and lemon takes center stage along with the peat.

Palate: Starts very Laphroaig – peat, iodine and salt and then we get strong and big punch of raspberries notes with some dirty notes. after they are gone, we stay with  mineral and peat notes

Finish: Medium length. Peat and wood notes, being zesty, with lingering salty raspberries.

Conclusion: Frankly – this ain’t your standard Laphroaig dram. But still, it’s a very good one. It’s more of a dram for sunny day noon beach stroll. Very easy-drinking Islay one. Loved it!


2 thoughts on “Whisky Review – SMWS 29.124 Pregnancy Tea Mix

  1. יורי

    Being a Laphroigee for many years, this sound interesting, but also somewhat familiar as I have recently had a Laphroaig 25YO 92008 US bottle) that had many of the described charcteristics.
    As an Uslay fan, I also bought a 16 YO 1991 Bowmore Port wood (not “finish – 16 years in the port pipes!) I am yet to try it, but I am looking for revies and can’t find too many. Any words?

  2. yoavgel Post author

    Hi Yuri,
    I never tried that Bowmore which is now hard to get, but from other reviews from people I trust their taste – it’s a good bottle to have. Slainte!


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