Whisky Review – Glenlivet 15

I’m on vacation this week so decided to dig into my notes and start publishing them on the blog – and this time, the well know and popular Glenlivet 15.

I don’t think you need any introduction to Glenlivent and its’ core range, but if you do need one – go to their website or wikipedia 🙂

Glenlivet 15 (40%, French Limousin Oak casks)

Glenlivet 15 yo French Oak ReserveNose: Green apples and creamy baked apples pie – very Glenlivet style, Background malt notes, orange peels, rich honeyed buttery nose but a bit one dimensional. After a while in glass, I also sniffed some new spirit notes (which isn’t a bad thing in my opinion). Also some spices starts to show up – white pepper, nutmeg.

Palate: Starts cream mellow and smooth (very velvet-like) then becomes spicier with stronger oak notes, chewy and full bodied, nutty flavors.

Finish: Short-medium, mellow oak, cream, some green notes, nuts again

Conclusion: The truth is that I’d use this one as intrudction to Glenlivet – It’s the grown up sibling of the 12 yo and it’s indeed a more well-rounded and with the classic glenlivent green apples notes. A good daily dram.


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