Whiskey Review – Wigle Organic White Wheat Whiskey

Ahh, the holy grail of whisky bloggers – hunting down and finding the best whisky there is, tasting obscure and (relative) unknown or rare whisky and finding gems. Hard and ungrateful work I tell you!

Luckily, I got such one unknown whiskey from a friend served on a silver plate – an Organic Wheat Whiskey from small and relatively unknown distillery – Wigle Distillery in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

They are one of few distilleries in the USA that produces every product we sell from scratch, from local organic grain – a true passion and spirit shown here!

So we have a whiskey from almost anonymous (still) distillery – how is it?

Wigle Organic White Wheat Whiskey (40%, 9 months in small oak barrels)

Wigle-Bottle-WheatNose: Surprise! An initial strong pine wood – for a moment I was confused and thought I taste their Rye whiskey (another product from this distillery) but there’s no doubt this is not malt based spirit. Then we get some spices, vanilla and honey, the whiffs of pine wood keeps coming back for visits, also had a random of rubbery solvent. Overall, Nose is nice but isn’t very complex – it do feel young and fresh. With water added, it becomes gentler and more rounded, still getting that pine wood notes with sweet vanilla.

Palate: Like nose like palate – pine, honeyed vanilla, oak oak, spices with big cinnamon note, definitely young and kicking and not very complex. The only drawback it’s rough and stingy which is partially cured by adding water/ice

Finish: Medium length but feels rough like licked sawed wood. Bittery finish with some honeyed vanilla.

Conclusion: Really not my cup of tea. I admit I have a limited exposure to bourbons and this one behaves like a bourbon (and not from the top range IMHO). Should be nice drink at hot summer day with some ice or as part of cocktails. I do think this one will benefit from much longer casks aging – 9 months just isn’t enough.


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