Holiday Dram – Aberlour a’bunadh (Batch #37)

It’s holidays time! well, I know that Thanksgiving is almost 3 months from now and Christmas is 4 months far away but hey, we’re having the Jewish holidays now! starting tonight, for 3 weeks, Jews all over the world celebrates the new Jewish yeah and you know that holidays means lots of big meals, wine and some whisky.

apple-honeyAnd we don’t need another excuse to discuss holiday drams, right? Yeah, it’s not winter time yet, but for me (and I guess it’s true for most of my readers) – it’s associated with big sherried whiskies, so this years’ holiday dram for me will be Aberlour a’bunadh.

The Aberlour a’bunadh was discussed a lot in the whisky community – fairly newcomer  heavy sherry cask strength, non-chill filtered speyside malt with almost ridiculous fair price, trying to recreate a 19th-century-style whisky matured exclusively in oloroso sherry butts.

This time I’ll not post tasting notes since it’s holiday dram – you just need to sit down, drink and savoir it!

But seriously – it’s a great whisky and it’s available for amazing price! By the way, please note that I’m happy with this bottle but happened to tasted a few other batches of a’bunadh and I can tell you that some batches have slight sulphur notes, so if you are sensitive to sulphur, try before you buy (or at least try with some water).

Happy Jewish holidays to my readers! (even if you’re not Jews) 🙂


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