Whisky Review – Highland Park 21 Year Old 1989 Banyuls Finish – Mission (Murray McDavid)

Back to the dusty archives today! This one was my 2nd place (but almost No 1) at the Dramming Freestyle Blind Tasting contest (and the contest winner)

This was the only Scottish whisky in the contest but the devilish Oliver has chosen one with an unusual cask finish.

I guessed its origin from Scotland, 20 years old and with ABV of 55. Not too bad a guess, ah? But how Scottish is this one?

Highland Park 21 Year Old 1989 Banyuls Finish – Mission (Murray McDavid) (50.3%)

highland-park-21-year-old-1989-mission-murray-mcdavid-whiskyNose: Sweet, some slight pencil rubber, ripe fruits notes (almost floral), honey with cinnamon. Oh, and did I mention it smells sweet? With added water, the sweet wine impact is reduced and can finally notice some background spices, cinnamon, the rubbery note is still there, but overall it’s much more balanced with water.

Palate: Oh this is sweet one – sugar and a bit spiced honey on the front which then turns to sweet rubbery taste. Then we get some oak, wine and then turns rubbery again. Sweet and fruity. With added water it’s much more spicy – peppery, cinnamon but still sweet overall.

Finish: Smooth, long finish, very sweet and almost floral with a touch of spice. With the water it has some bitter rubber and oak lingering at the back of the mouth.

Conclusion: Was way too sweet for me which is why I took it for 2nd place instead of 1st place and with water it’s more balanced. Great dram for sweet lovers.


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