Whisky Review – Glentauchers 30 yo 1981 Artist series for LMDW

We’re half way through the jewish holidays and it’s time to start working on that samples pile in the cupboard. Today I’m continuing with other samples Shai sent me (Did you see the review on the amazing Caol Ila he sent me?)

This time – a sample from a obscure distillery, unknown to me (and probably to most of you as well) – Glentauchers.

Glentauchers distillery is owned by the one of the industry giant, Pernod Ricard, is located in Speyside and most of its output is being used for blends (some big blend labels from Pernod Ricard are Ballantines and Chivas Regal so good chances you had some from Glentauchers) – this means that we rarely see Glentauchers expressions out there.

This Glentauchers is from a wine-treated butt and it does makes it very interesting – an old Speyside from cask treated with wine.

Glentauchers 30 yo 1981 Artist series for LMDW (58.5%, buy here for € 135 )

Glentauchers 30 1981 Artist LMDWNose: Starts very sweet, got some initial rubber/pencil shaving note which dissapeared quickly, then boatload of sweet vanilla, prunes, oranges and tangerines, spices. It’s not as sweet as the Highland Park I reviewed last week (although both are from wine-treated casks) – this one is more balanced and liquor-like which is a big thumbs up. After adding a few drops of water, oak wood notes are stronger while the sweet wine/liquor still going strong.

Palate: Lots of sweet oak, vanilla, fruity flavors and herbal spices. with water added the sweet flavors are less dominates and the oak/wood notes are even stronger

Finish: long lingering sweet oak notes, licorice, some bitter citrus (kumquat?)

Conclusion: very sweet, but not overly so, great nose, smooth on palate – will serve as great Digestif. Some may complain that the oak wood notes are too strong, but I don’t mind it as long as it ain’t bitter wood. Frankly, I doubt it would been release if the oak wood wasn’t balanced by the sweetness.


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