Whisky Review – Bowmore Devil’s Casks

This is a companion blog post to the post reviewing my visit at Bowmore Distillery on Islay on Octoboer 2013.

Bowmore The Devil’s Casks is the latest small batch whisky from Bowmore, It’s 10 year old and was matured in first fill sherry casks. Limited edition of 6,000 bottles, each bottled at Cask Strength of 56.9%.

Since this one is fully matutred in first fill sherry casks, it’s color is even darker then the 15yo Darkest (it’s not so Darkest ah?)

The initial shipment to UK went out so fast that if you blinked when it arrived to web stores, you were out of luck.

Recently I swapped some whisky samples with a friend and by mistake (a good mistake I must say!) I came unexpectedly by a sample of this. Thanks a lot Ben!

So is it any good? Here’s my tasting notes:

Bowmore Devils’s Casks (10yo, 56.9%, to buy it sell a kidney and check auctions)

bowmore_10_devils_caskNose: Lovely nose – earthy and oily peat notes, concentrated sherry notes almost like a jam but not as sweet.

Palate: Ohh, strong and oily peat, strong burning coals and smoky BBQ notes followed by a kicking heat sensation, almost brutally but tethering on the  good side of it. After the UN negotiated end of hostilities with it, dried dark berries and sherry jam notes follows in.

Finish: Long dry finish, sherried balsamic vinegar, leather, some coal ashes, red fruits and some weak notes of wood lurk behind it.

Conclusion: what a cracker! Intense, peated and sweet dram. If I could grab a bottle (or 2) in the RRP price I’d do instantly, but I ain’t gonna pay the crazy silly money sums required to get on on auctions. Highly recommended if you find one for reasonable price. 


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