Whisky Review – SMWS 29.138 Hospitals, hearths and headlands (Laphroaig)

Yesterday I posted on my visit at Laphroaig distillery in October 2013. As usual, here’s a companion review of a Laphroaig dram 🙂

This one was a sample I got from Stewart & Kirsty when we met at SMWS bar in Edinburgh (Thanks folks!). No, it’s no coincidence I choose a SMWS Laphroaig dram given to me in SMWS bar in Scotland to escort a distillery tour post I did during the same trip 🙂

SMWS 29.138 Hospitals, hearths and headlands (59.4%, 18yo, 182 bottles)

SMWS-29.138-Hospitals, hearths and headlandsNose: the classic medicinal notes of Laphroaig – iodine, antiseptics, earthy peat notes, some burning coals, lots of sweet lemon and heather, some fruity/herbal edge. after a few minutes in the glass the peat and medicinal weakens mightily and the sweet notes takes the front seat.

palate: earthy oily peat mixed with sweet heather honey and toasted sugary candies. This time the sweet takes the backseat and the peat notes are rolling over the tongue in big strong wave with leather and greenery notes

Finish: medium length, strong earthy peat and leather notes lingers with small fluffs of sweetness popping up in surprise, although those come infrequently.

Conclusion: Lovely and classic Laphroaig dram. It bore all the classic Laphroaig notes shared with heavy dash of honey and sweet candies. Superb dram.


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