Whisky Review – Tamdhu 1984 26 yo

This is another one dram I tasted for the first time in the last Speyside session I was at. This time it’s Tamdhu 26yo bottled exclusively to the whiskywhiskywhisky.com forum members by the Creative Whisky Company, and somehow Gal of the Whisky Israel blog got a bottle and brought to that session.

Tamdhu 1984 26 yo – WWW Forum bottling (50.1%, 162 bottles)

Tamdhu-26yo-1984-www-forumNose: On initial sniff a big alcohol punch. After letting it rest a bit in the glass we finally get to the real thing – vanilla & heather honey giving us a very sweet nose but not full of sugar, more like liquor. Red apples are also present. Additional time in glass shows herbal notes which eventually almost get to FWP level.,

Palate: Heather honey, oaky flavors, vanilla, There’s a lot of sweetness but it’s also dry, full bodied one.

Finish: Medium length, again with oaky flavors, vanilla, honey sweetness and some weak herbal flavor.

Conclusion: For me this is a problematic dram – the problem here is that the nose and palate were a tad too sweet with nose also bit too floral – didn’t work out together here for me. But overall, it’s decent dram and if you love extra sweet whiskies with some dash of herbal note, this is for you.


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