Whisky Review – Old Pulteney 12

Do you know how is it when you look forward to some event and then you enjoy it and you have some great time? In this case it was a full opposite. Last November there was a Tweet Tasting of 3 Old Pulteney whiskies in celebration of the their new 1990 vintage and I was selected to participate in it. From this moment the problems started to mount – firstly the samples didn’t arrive on time for the event. but as I wasn’t the only one plagued with delayed samples shipment up came the idea of having a second Tweet Tasting event for us poor-luck tasters (Yay!), but then, due to crisis at work and a flat tire, I missed the 2nd tasting too! what a real dumper on that evening it was.

So the samples were sitting on my shelf, looking accusingly at me and finally I managed to get to taste them earlier this week and today I bring you the tasting notes of the first one: Old Pulteney 12.

Old Pulteney 12 is the basic single malt coming from the Old Pulteney distillery in the Highlands of Scotland, matured exclusively in ex-bourbon casks.

Old Pulteney 12 (40%, buy here for £25.67)

old-pulteney-12yoNose: heavy creamy malt (cereal like), vanilla and sweet heather honey, some maritime/salt, peppery/cloves spicy edge, sweet tasty lemon tart/pie

Palate: creamy cereal, lemon, salty oak wood, 2nd wave of heat with gentle spices – lots of pepper, cardamon, cloves and again some echos of lemon.

Finish: short-medium, salt and spices, malt all along. tingles of lemon.

Conclusion: basic and classic highland malt full of cereal, vanilla and honey with the added saltiness of OP – easy drinking with no remorse, chill out on the porch dram. no need to work hard on this dram – just enjoy.


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