Whisky Review – Douglas Laing Bunnahabhain “Young & Feisty” Provenance 9yo

Another day, another young whisky. Yeah, let’s follow yesterday’s young one and check another one and see if it’s any good, and this time a Bunnahabhain, bottled by Douglas McGibbons Co (sister company of Douglas Laing).

Bunnahabhain is one of two distilleries I couldn’t manage to squeeze into my schedule when I visited Islay last October. Old Bunna whiskies are considered very good and are cherished by whisky lovers. That said, I do love their standard 12 yo bottle and I heard good things on previous Y&F Bunnas, so I was curious to see what Douglas Laing McGibbons has prepared for us when they released a new youngish 9 yo Bunna, bottled winter 2014, under their “Young & Feisty” line.


Douglas Laing Bunnahabhain “Young & Feisty” Provenance 9yo, winter 2014 (46%, buy for £48.43 here)

Nose: Cereal, lightly peated, sweet and no smoke, a bit spirity with new make notes but not much – it’s young, no doubt and it adds a bit of mischievousness to the table. Sweet fruit notes – mostly tropical: pineapple, pulped bananas leaves, vanilla. Full nose and not dry at all while providing some meaty feeling.

Palate: Starts with big peat bang, didn’t expect this from a Bunna that smelled so lightly peated. Continue with big wave of sweetness – fruits (tropical) and sweet chili spices.

Finish: Medium long length, lingering sweetness with some trace of oak and peat but mostly mild candies sweetness.

Conclusion: This whisky is indeed Young & Feisty as it’s peatier then your average Bunna bottlings. Definitely a good young Bunna showing (most of the time) maturity beyond its age and with a reasonable price tag, it’s a good addition to the whisky shelf. Slainte!

(Official sample from the Douglas Laing)


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