Whisky Review – Jura Delme Evans

This one is part of a samples package used in Jura 50th Anniversary Tweet Tasting from last year. I really wanted to be part of it but failed but luckily my friend Gal (of the Whisky Israel fame) was generous enough to keep me some of his samples leftovers, so thanks a lot Gal!

This is a single cask (ex-sherry) bottled couple of years ago in 2007 to celebrate William Delme Evans, a former distillery manager who designed the new Jura distillery back in 1958.

Jura 1998 – Delme Evans Select (59.98%, 586 bottles, buy for £148 here)


Picture courtesy of abbeywhisky.com

Nose: Initial alcohol burn (as befitting a 60% whisky), spicy sherry, some herbal/pine needles notes, bit of sulphur to add some excitement, tropical dried fruits, weak citrus, apricots. Some vanilla notes from the original cask then shows up, sweet demerara sugar.

Palate: Sweet demerara sugar, spices galore, then some might oak notes shows up, but not of the bitter oak wood notes but more of caramelized oak leafs. very good but short.

Finish: Strong and pleasantly mild sweet oak.

Conclusion:  Damn good Jura bottling. Too bad those are very scare on the market.


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