Whisky Review – Chieftain’s 1997 Caol Ila 13 year old Jamaican rum cask finish

I have some affinity to rum as it’s my second favorite spirit so whisky matured or finished in rum is always something I’m happy to drink and enjoy. Few weeks ago I shared some Rum and Rum finished whisky with friends and the line up included this one – a relatively unique combo of peated whisky and rum.

Chieftains 1997 Caol Ila 13 year old Jamaican rum cask finish (43%, 1010 bottles)

chieftians caol ila 13yo rum finishedNose: Earthy and sweet peat where the sweet seems to come from the rum finish with banana and caramel on the front, fruity notes underneath. With water – even sweeter and the with less peat noticed and the rum impact is much more evident.

Palate: Starts ashy and smoky and then the sweet notes overrides it with added oak and wood spices flavors. With water: again sweeter with less peat but with great balance.

Finish: Long, peat smoke, oak albeit bitter with spiciness, layer of sweet which outlasts all the other notes. With water: sweeter with dash of peat. yummy.

Conclusion: Decent whisky but really shine when a dash of water is added. My friend bought it for about 40 euro so I consider this quite a good find. You may still find it in some stores across Europe and I’ve also heard its’ older sibling (the 14yo) is also very good, so grab it if you find it.



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