Whisky Review – Douglas Laing Provenance Young and Feisty Caol Ila 2009

Feis ile is entering its 3rd day and the focus shifts from the west side (Bruichladdich) to the east side as today is the open day for Caol Ila distillery. Unfortunately I didn’t have any new Caol Ila whisky to taste and post tasting notes for you, my loyal readers, but then again, #whiskyfabric is here to rescue me. I’ve asked my friend Tom (of Toms Whisky Reviews), a top bloke and a #whiskyfabric cog, to write here a guest post on Caol Ila for this day and he agreed, so thanks Tom and happy reading!

The whisky community, especially those who partake in the online #whiskyfabric, really do take an active part in each others lives and at times each others blogs, so when Yoav asked if i would write a guest review for his blog I was over the moon.
Yesterday, 25th May, I was at Whisky Stramash and along with catching up with some of the Twitterati and #Whiskyfabric superstars like Johanne McInnes (@whiskylassie) and Rob Bruce (@robster38) I used it as the opportunity to select a dram for which i would write a review.
That dram was the Caol Ila Young and Feisty from the Douglas Laing Provenance range, one of my favourite ranges and one of my favourite whisky companies.
this dram is 5 years old being distilled in 2009 but it has so much more to it, such lovely character, the sweet and sour mix that works really well with smoke.
This may be young, but it’s very upfront about that, and i love it, young peaty whiskies are the way to go and i could easily sit and sip this all night (preferably with an open fire and a big buffalo steak).
thanks to Yoav for the opportunity to present my review here and to Douglas Laing for producing such lovely whisky.

Douglas Laing Provenance Young and Feisty Caol Ila 2009 (46%)

douglas laing provenance young & feisty caol ila 2009Nose. The nose opens up with a big intake of smoked back bacon on buttery white rolls with lashings of hp sauce this is followed by hints of lovely cigar smoke popping through and gentle fresh herbs of thyme and rosemary followed by some old fashioned soor ploom sweets.
Palate: Initially a little chalky before the smoky bacon and gentle kindling embers notes come through followed by more of the soor plooms and herbs
Finish: Sweet, smoky and lovely

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