Whisky Review – Bowmore 1991 16 year old Port Matured

Feis Ile 2014 is going strong on Islay, and today is Bowmore open day. I visited Bowmore back in October, having a de facto private tour as we were the only ones taking that tour and we loved it a lot (see the recap here).

To celebrate Bowmore open day, here’s the matching dram for today: Bowmore 1991 16 year old Port Matured in cask strength.

This is an older release from 2007 while last year saw a 23 year old Port matured release (which is priced way beyond mortal people like me). But this release can still be purchased from some European shops for still reasonable price (considering it being a 7 year old release), so let’s see the tasting notes:

Bowmore 16 1991 Port (53.1%, €120)

bowmore 1991 16 portNose: Lots of red fruits and berries, dry port is hinted but that feeling is blocked by sweet curtain of concentrated stewed black berries. All is servied with flowing river of smoke and peat. Give it some time in the glass to reveal dark chocolate & wet peat smokeiness, orange zestiness.

Palate: Thick syrup of berries jam which is than overtaken with earthy peat and smoke.

Finish: Loooong, sweet berries and fruit salad, gentle smoke &  peat, layer of oak wood

Conclusion: This one may be a a bit too sweet despite the balancing heavy dose of peat and smoke but if you you’re one that have the sweet tooth (or just like the sweet type of port), you’ll love it and for that price it may be worth adding to your shelf.


3 thoughts on “Whisky Review – Bowmore 1991 16 year old Port Matured

  1. Yori

    While definitely sweet for a whisky, I don’t find it as excessive or overwhelming – IMHO it is thoroughly enjoyable on the right day. It has an equal place on my shelf with some Ardbegs and Laphroaig, alongside speysiders and highlanders…

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