Whisky Review – Glendronach 21 Parliament

It’s almost summer time and we had a beautiful weather locally and in major parts of Scotland which called for lots of BBQ and garden parties, so how about some havy sherry influence to enjoy the weather?


Glendronach 21 parliament (48%, £66.52)

glendronach-21-year-old-parliament-whiskyNose: hmm, lots of sweet Pedro Ximénez impact – bucketfull of nutmeg, concentrated stewed dried fruit, soaked raisins, balsamic, compote of dates, dried figs liquor, plums.

Palate: Sweet with raisins, plums, concentrated sherry, nutmeg, lots of wood spices that were not present on the nose.

Finish: short medium length with lingering sweet and wood spices, nutmeg.

Conclusion: A very addictive drink, you can drink more and more due to the shortish finish as the bottle we opened can attest. at such a ridiculous price it’s a no brainer to have one and enjoy


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