Whisky Review & Tasting Notes – Glengoyne 12 Year old Cask Strength 57.2%


What happens if you take the excellent Glengoyne whisky and turn up the intensity to maximum? Yup, We’re talking Glengoyne cask strength!

Right now there’s only two cask strength Glengoyne expressions: the NAS Cask strength and the distillery only The Teapot dram (which I’ll post a review later this week), but not long ago (in whisky time) there was another one – the 12 year old cask strength which profiles as the following:

  • 20% 1st fill European Oak Oloroso Sherry
  • 10% 1st fill American Oak Oloroso Sherry
  • 70% refill Hoggies and Butts

I happened to taste it on a great whisky night last week and here are my notes:

Glengoyne 12 Year old Cask Strength (57.2%, £43.99)

glengoyne 12 cs with tubeNose: Cloves, sweet red fruits sugar, plums, not as fierce as the teapot dram and much more civilized, dark bitter chocolate, fresh with edge of earthy note, light whiffs of nutmeg. After adding a few drops of water its less chocolaty and with lighter sweet and a bit of oak.

Palate: Oak light bitterness, red fruits, chocolate, cloves, nutmeg. With water: less oak, sweeter (!) and also spicier with black pepper, chili peppers and coriander.

Finish: Long finish with chocolate, espresso, sour red fruits. With water not much change but maybe bit less of espresso.

Conclusion: Oh why did you have to retire it? It’s a great drink. It has the lovely Glengoyne signature with lots of oomph. I enjoyed it immensely and I recommend you pick up a bottle while they are still out there for a reasonable price.


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