Whisky Review & Tasting Notes – Yellow Spot 12 year old

yellow-spot-12yo-irish-pot-still-blended-whiskey-70cl-46-abv_1_Time to try another non-Scotch whisky, and this time it’s a whiskey. It’s time for another Irish whiskey review – The Yellow Spot 12 year old.

The Yellow Spot name origin is from an old technique used in the Mitchell & Son warehouse, where colored spots would be painted on the end of maturation cask during storage to identify the age of the casks and a yellow spot indicated 12 years old.

It’s the big brother of the Green Spot whiskey, while the Green Spot is 10 years old whiskey, Yellow Spot is 12 years old. and is matured for 12 years in three different oak cask types: American Bourbon barrels, then Spanish Sherry butts before finally being added to Spanish Malaga casks which should add more fruity notes.

Yellow spot 12 (46%, £51.7)

yellow-spot-12yo-irish-pot-still-blended-whiskey-70cl-46-abv_1_Nose: It’s very mellow, fruity with lots of apricot and peaches, some dry wine, nutmeg, full body, spiciness with time, almonds.

Palate: oak, spicy cloves, nutmeg, wine sweetness and tannins.

Finish: oak wood spices, tannins bitterness, sweet red wine, medium length

Conclusion: For an Irish whiskey, Its very nice and tasted much better then any previous Irish whiskey I tried. The Yellow Spot feels more like Scotsh but it’s not something I’d buy at the current ongoing price as I feel it’s too expensive for a 12 yo whisky.


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