Whisky Review & Tasting Notes – Tomatin Cù Bòcan Sherry cask 46%

I visited Tomatin distillery a month ago and I still owe you a detailed post on it but in the meanwhile here’s a review of one of their latest offering, the Cù Bòcan  – The Sherry Edition.

You probably wonder what is it, so here’s what we were told in the official press release:

With the standard edition comprising Sherry, Virgin Oak and Bourbon casks, this is the first of three limited editions highlighting the flavours derived from each cask type.

Fully matured in first fill Sherry butts, the Sherry edition is rich and fruity with hints of smoke and paprika. There are only 6000 bottles available and it is expected to retail at £49.99 in specialist retailers.

This is a not a new concept in the industry, as previous limited editions were already produced (like Balantines 17) but it’s always a great idea to showcase the stronger impact of specific cask time.

Side note: I know that different glasses will expose different notes, but It’s been a while since the difference was so substantial. I’ve sniffed this whisky in both a Glencairn and the official Tomatin nosing glass and it was so different a whisky. Do you ask yourself which glass was used for the notes below? Go ahead and try both glasses and you’ll see 🙂

Tomatin Cu Bocan Sherry cask (46%, 6000 bottles, £42.15)

cubocan sherryNose: It’s young and kicking at first sniff. There are new make notes, lots of malt and of course lots of peat although it’s not sharp but it smells like more than 15 ppm. Buy then the peat recedes and there are all those fortified tropical fruits – Melon, Ananas, Mango. very Tomatin-like but with extra sweetness.

Palate: starts with peat but less so than what I felt on the nose at first, light influence of sherry with pastry, demerara sugar, chocolate, spice, all laced with tropical juice

Finish: short-medium length with nutmeg spice, sweet light sherry and lingering peat.

Toughts: This one felt very young at first (is it younger then the standard Cu Bocan?), then get balanced with some air breathing making it lightly peated with extra sweet tropical fruits. Very tomatin-like whisky with the peat. Real solid offering from Tomatin for those who like the dash of peat in their whisky.

(Official sample was received from Tomatin Distillery)


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