Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Wemyss Malts ‘Bench with a Sea View’ 1997 (Clynelish)

October is the hot season for new whisky releases and reviews. In fact, many new whisky announcements starts during September, but taking into account a distribution period of a month or so for the whisky to arrive to shops, October is main stage.

Following their success last year, Wemyss Malts again released 12 single casks last month geared toward holiday shoppers. One of them is a Clynelish 1997 vintage (so it’s either 16yo or 17yo, probably 16yo) named “Bench with a Sea View” which yielded 373 bottles (ex-bourbon cask/barrel).

I loved those Wemyess single casks I happened to taste and review, therefor I hoped this one won’t disappoint.

Wemyss Malts Bench with a Sea View 1997 Clynelish (46%, 373 bottles)

1997 clynelish bench with a sea viewNose: hmm what a lovely nose! fruity & waxy, ,peaches & apricots, rich whipped cream, honey and oranges peels, sea breeze but very orchardy.

Palate: mouthful with salt, wax, oak, vanilla and it’s spicy to boot. Then came the fruits, and salty caramel candies.

Finish: Oak and spices, lots of salty caramel and then lingering mild sweet oak with salt sprinkled on top.

Thoughts: What an excellent single cask bottling! It’s a good & rich Clynelish whisky with added fruityness which surprised me. I’d rename it to “Bench in an Orchard with a Sea View” to reflect what I felt when tasting it but the original name isn’t far off the mark. I don’t see it yet in on-line shops but I assume the price will be fair for a 16yo Clynelish and if so, it’s a worthy holidays purchase.

(Official sample from Wemyss Malts)


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