Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Highland Park 30 year old 48.1% (previous batch)

I was told yesterday that I don’t have enough Highland park reviews on the site. I took a look and found out that’s correct – except the recently released Dark Origins there are no reviews of the Highland Park core range (unless you call Einer a core range expression…)

There are also other distilleries which are under-reviewed on the blog (and I hope to fix that sooner than later) but first thing first, lets have another Highland Park official bottling review and we’ll aim high with Highland Park 30.

Highland Park 30 was at the top of HP core range until the 40yo was released and there are at least two batches released: the latest one was released in 2013 and is bottled at 45.7% (you can get it at The Whisky Exchange for £385) and the earlier batches who were bottled at 48.1% (still available at the distillery online shop) which I review here thanks to a sample sent to me from Johnnie Stumbler of The Nosing Arse blog.

Highland Park 30 (48.1%, £400)

HP-30yo-bottle-packNose: Lovely HP profile with sweet and earthy peat and sherry impact – all very mild, gentle and with old age. Red berries paste, sweet demerara sugar, whiffs of old books, milk chocolate. Do you know that sugar syrup used in fairs to dip apples? it shows up as well. Few drops of water opens it up and makes it fruitier, a bit lighter and deliver a spices promise for the future.

Palate: Spicy sweet red fruits and red apples, berries, earthy peat, golden syrup and dark chocolate round it up.

Finish: Medium to Long length, warm with red berries on plate of sweet peat and spent coffee grounds and spices.

Thoughts: Oh my, what a great and excellent dram! I haven’t taste yet the 40yo but this is the ultimate Highland Park I tasted to day. Rocketed up the upper echelon of my wish list.



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