Gin Review – The Lakes Gin

How about we take a break from Whisky this weekend? I mean, from reviewing, not from drinking mind you.

Despite this blog revolving around whisky, I do sin in reviewing some other spirits from time to time. (Hey, if Serge can do it, why can’t I?)

So it’s time for the first Gin review on the site – the newly releases The Lakes Gin from the Lakes Distillery.

The Lakes Distillery first whisky distillation run and cask filling is almost here as it’s planned for this upcoming week (with the first 100 casks goes toward their Founders’ Club program which looks like a great idea if you want to track their first whisky maturation and own a set of bottles along the way. see here). But just before they (and this blog as well) focus earnestly on their whisky, let’s review their Gin, after all it’s a good Sunday drink (like all other spirits 😉 )

At first I thought I’ll nose and taste it at room temperature but the folks at The Lakes Distillery told me to stick the gin in the freezer before I try it as it’s their recommended serving suggestion as it help to enhance the taste. It surprised me a lot as with single malt whisky, chilling it that way will shut out all the great flavors it has to offer us, so to be on the safe side I tried it both very chilled and at room temperature.

The Lakes Gin (43.7%, £29.95)

the lakes ginNose: When well chilled (almost frozen) nosing it get us a very strong lemonade & limoncello notes. There’s  fresh juniper as well of course and it’s accompanied by green meadow, earthy spiciness, hyssop, lemongrass and a bit of oranges peels. When nosed in room temperature: stronger juniper and still some strong lemon but the rest of the notes are subdued.

Palate: Juniper, limoncello, spice (white pepper comes to mind), grapefruits (with bitterness), tear drops and an oily feel. In room temperature: juniper, less spice and almost no bitterness.

Finish: Medium length, lemon & junpier. In room temperature: grapefruits and tear drops.

Thoughts: I’m a Gin newbie and don’t have that much experience with Gin but the Lakes Gin is fresh and clear Gin with strong limoncello (and lemon) addition which I like a lot. It’s not too herbal making it a gentle and easy going Gin. And yes, having it chilled gave a better experience and better taste. I learned something new today!


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