Whisky Review – Compass Box The Lost Blend

Xmas and new year is almost upon us and many new whiskies are being released to the market and even Compass Box and John Glaser joins the party with two new releases: The Lost Blend and The Great King st. Glasgow Blend so we’ll review them today and tomorrow, starting with The Lost Blend.

The Lost Blend name is inspired by the O. Henry story of the same name which features two business partners who try to recreate a blend of different spirits with close to supernatural properties. And what is the compass box blend which John Glaser was trying to recreate?

Here’s what John Glaser said on their own lost blend:

“In 2001, we created our first single malt blend which we called Eleuthera. It was an elegant marriage of approximately 80% unpeated Highland and 20% peaty Islay single malts. Alas, after 3 years, we were suddenly no longer able to obtain one of the key whiskies required for the recipe so, sadly, we retired Eleuthera in 2004. Quietly, I have been looking for whiskies that we could use to bring it back, even if temporarily, but without any luck. Until now.”

So John found what he was looking for and it was a combination of 80% of Clynelish and Allt-a-Bhainne and 20% Caol Ila. We don’t know how old are the spirits (no exact age was given) and what casks (although I guess it’s ex-bourbon casks judging by the whisky color) so lets hop directly to the tasting notes:

The Compass Box Lost Blend (46%, 12018 bottles, £77.54)

the lost blendNose: Sweet malt and peat, light and a bit faint sweet lemons, fresh oranges peels, then honey & spice ghosts (not real spice but the traces of past present spices), green apples, very malty (like pastry) & creamy, waxy & sour note – maybe waxed green apples?

Palate: Malt, some dusty texture, lemon tingle, oranges peels, sour green apples & hint of white pepper, rich and full bodied yet dry.

Finish: Short, dusty, oak wood spice, sour apples and pepper. After a minute or two some smoke shows up as well.

Thoughts: A very good constructed blend (or vatted malt to be precise) which is easy to drink and very enjoyable. Good job by John Glaser & Compass Box.


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