Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Aberfeldy 12 year old

Weekend is here (or almost here, depends on your time zone) and for the weekend we have a review of a classic whisky, the Aberfeldy 12.

Bacardi took over Aberfeldy back in 1998 and a year later released the 12 yo we We came to know and love, and still, most of their production goes toward the Dewars blend malt line.

Aberfeldy is one of five distilleries taking part in Bacardis’ “The Last Great Malts” series, so the Aberfeldy 12 yo has been repackaged with new label and since I haven’t review Aberfeldy yet on the blog, so there you go!

Aberfeldy 12 year old (40%, £31.95)

aberfeldy 12Nose: Creamy malt, sweet sherried fruits (peaches & pears), honey and a dash of vanilla, quite punchy nose. Later, after it rest in the glass for a while, sherry impact kicks in with dried fruits & chocolate.

Palate: Creamy malt, sugared dried fruits, berries jam sweetness, chocolate, nutmeg, oak wood spices

Finish: Medium length, mild creamy sweetness and oak spiciness with tendrils of smoke. (glass remains are sherry influenced)

Thoughts: A classic whisky with malt, bit of sherry, fruits – the whole eight yards (no peat, yes? 😉 ). It’s not a complex or an exceptional whisky but it’s a good bottle to drink in leisure. Slainte!


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