Whisky Review – Kintra Mortlach 14 Year Old

I’ve been a bit busy thing morning so take a quick review of a bit different Mortlach whisky: a Mortlach 14 Year Old by Kintra, a small yet well known Netherland independent bottler.


I consider it a bit different as it was aged in Bourbon Hogshead and then finished in first fill Sherry Cask while most Mortach whiskies found in the market are either strict full sherry maturated or some bourbon casks. How is the combo of bourbon and sherry gonna work here?

Kintra Mortlach 14 Year Old (48.6% , €70)

kintra-mortlach-14-years-oldNose: initial impression shows a very sherried nose with stewed fruits, nutmeg  and truckload of sour berries which almost feel vinegary. It has that meaty Mortlach trademark note it’s not dominant. there’s sugar here to balance the sourness of the berries but it does lean toward sour in my opinion.

Palate: Meaty, sherry vinegar, sweet marinade, minerals, spicy with pepper and nutmeg.

Finish: Medium length with oak spices and nutmeg bitterness, meaty and vinegary.

Thoughts: Not your run of the mill Mortlach. It’s a whisky that will keep you on the edge with fresh and unique taste of Mortlach whisky.


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