Whisky Review: Kintra Glen Garioch 22yo 1990 (Usquebaugh Society BTC 2014 #2)

I can’t really bask in the glory following my success yesterday. Day 2 of the blind tasting competition is here so there’s no rest for the wicked winner 🙂

Below you’ll find my notes (Nose/Palate/Finish) as written before the bottle revelation but here’s what I guessed it to be and why:

The initial whiff really confused me. maybe it’s a Port Ellen or Rosebank with bad cask? But all it needed was a bit of time to show the sweet on front. but where is it from? it can be sherry but the sherry spiciness isn’t distinct and it didn’t boast the Oloroso or PX profile and was too sweet for Fino/Amontillado/Manzanilla sherry, so I lean toward wine impact. Hmm, maybe Amarona wine? If so, could it be Arran as they do have OB Amarona finish and there are some single casks around… It could be some highlands malt as well, but unlike yesterday I’ll stick to the first impression and will guess it to be Arran. Age & ABV? Arran doesn’t have over 18yo which are pretty new so will go for 16yo and 48% as it felt weaker than yesterday’s dram.

So to sum up my guess: Arran, 16yo, 48%

Update: Oh well, 0 points as it’s Glen Garioch 22yo from Kintra in a sherry butt.

Kintra Glen Garioch 22yo (51.5%, 83 )

kintra glen garioch 22yo 1990

Photo credit: whiskybase.com

Nose: first sniff I took was weird with some sweet earth peat, wet & rotten wood and cough syrup.  The next sniff, a day later revealed a different story: cloying and syrupy but sweet wine is dominating here, some weak earthy note here (peat?) that disappeared quickly and there’s a layer of pastry and bread, promise of spices behind it but on the front there’s sweetness with grapes and raisins. After a while, more spices are showing up with lots of nutmeg (European oak spices or from the previous liquid?)

Palate: Spicy with pepper and cloves, there’s still sweet fruits here but also bitterness of nutmeg and cloves.

Finish: Medium length, drying and wine tannins on the sides of the throat, spices and wood spices.

Thoughts (post revelation): Well, I guess that the spiciness that showed up after a while should have pointed me at sherry and not much of the ginger and other GG profile were showing. Back to planning board for the next day!


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