Whisky Review – Aultmore 21 Year Old

Continuing with the new Aultmore lineup and the next one up the ledger is the 21 Year old which is exclusive to Travel Retail (for one year). I’ve noticed there’s a serious gap here from 12 to 21 and it’s far cry from the Craigellachie line that boasts 13 and 17 year old expressions before going to Travel Retail exclusive of 19 year old. Why is that? I have no idea, but it could be attributed to lack of quality casks of this age range, spirit profile didn’t fit the plans or they simply plan on releasing a mid range one in the future.

Anyway, back to the liquid in the spotlight. It’s Travel Retail exclusive, you can find it in different airports. For example I was told by a friend it’s on the shelves in EDI shop for about £125. Yeah, pricey, but maybe it does warrant the price tag?

Aultmore 21 Year Old (46%, ~125)

Aultmore_21YONose: Deep and dark floral & honey smell with underground river of spice. further sniffs reveals red apples, large dash of toffee and fudge, and the sweetness slowly turns herbal. Got to say it’s not very complex but it’s lovely! 

Palate: Spicy with pepper, dark and sweet honey, red apples, toffee, cream. Not much herbal notes here (I guess it was overtaken by the cask influence), very smooth and easy going.

Finish: Medium length with mild musky oak, deep dark and mildly sweet honey, light toffee & apples.

Thoughts: I dig that dark deep honey note here and for me it’s good stuff! It’s savory and easy drinking but once again the price seems to be too high. I’d wait and see how much does it costs across Europe before committing to buying a bottle.

(Official sample from Bacardi)


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