Whisky Review and Tasting Notes: Glen Elgin 12 Year Old

The local blind tasting competition continue and I had another good revelation with last night dram: Glen Elgin 12 year old.

Last night was not my first encounter with this whisky as I tasted it last summer, but the previous encounter wasn’t in a proper tasting environment, small dose in a small plastic cup so didn’t write myself notes and all I remembered was its fruitiness. That truly made it hard to make the connection to last night dram as the saltiness here was a key factor.

Glen Elgin 12 Year Old (43%, £31.95/€32.99)

glen-elgin-12-year-old-whiskyNose: Those are ex-bourbon casks for sure with vanilla and heather honey. At first there was even a big floral note bordering perfume. Some concentrated fruits (mainly apricots), lots of saltiness. heavy yet fresh.

Palate: Fruity, sweet with spiciness, honey, mild oak wood spices, salty and it ends with light bitterness.

Finish: Medium length, mild oak bitterness, linger fruits sweetness, touch of salt, spicy and peppery.

Thoughts: A nice and excellent gem from a relatively known distillery (at least marketing wise). It’s a fruity dram with a salty twist and in my option it beats some of the better known brands and I would be happy to buy a bottle and enjoy drinking it.


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