Whisky Review & Tasting notes: Macallan Select Oak

Again too busy with work so today, again we’ll have to be content with a quick whisky review. This time: Macallan Select Oak from the 1824 series. Upon release it was destined at the Travel Retail market, exclusively at first although now you can find it in many online stores.

The Select Oak is a combination of first-fill European oak casks seasoned with oloroso sherry, and American oak casks seasoned with oloroso sherry or bourbon.

Macallan Select Oak (40%, £55.99/€54.95)

macallan select oakNose: Sweet sultanas, whiffs of young spirit, lots of malt, vanilla, toast, weak nutmeg cinnamon, sourness of unripe berries.

Palate: Not so sherried as on the nose, sweet light golden syrup, caramelized sugar, nutmeg paste, oak and spice, soursweet forest fruits.

Finish: Short medium length. Oak, nutmeg, lingering syrupy sweet forest fruits.

Thoughts: Simple and not complex whisky. It’s a young and flamboyant whisky , showcasing strong flavours. It’s not a dram to analyze and dissect subtle and refined notes. No high expectations from this whisky, it’s just a smooth and pleasant drink.


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