Whisky Review – Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Islay Barley

I’m too busy with work and big life projects, so there wasn’t much activity on the blog, so a big apology to you my readers. In the meanwhile, until load is back to normal (sometime in September), I’ll probably stick to quick reviews and tasting notes posts.

The Port Charlotte Islay Barley was released last October and is a logical next step after the very successful and liked Scottish Barley version which I reviewed here. This time it’s pure Islay product.

Bruichladdich Port Charlotte Islay Barley 2008 (50%, £54.95/€55.95)

bruichladdiche-port-charlotte-islay-barley-2008Nose: Starts with a strong peat note but without much bonfire smoke and then an attack of flavours. Cereal pudding, lemon, vanilla with moist fruits. After a few minutes, the peat is more refined and sharper with more smoke but it still keeps the cereal and fruity character.

Palate: Peat, mild ash and lots of sweet fruits (peaches comes to mind) and cereal, vanilla.

Finish: Long finish with sweet peat, very mild old bonfire smoke, sweet fruits and cereal.

Thoughts: What’s a lovely Port Charlotte! On the nose the cereal is stronger while on the palate it’s the fruity character that shines which makes it a bold and well rounded whisky. It’s a sleek and velvety offering to the peat lovers.

(sample provided by Bruichladdich distillery)


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