Whisky Review & Tasting Notes: Craigellachie 15 yo 1997 Cask 9344 Old Malt Cask

I had planned 2 more Craigellachie reviews in this round but we’ll have to settle for just one as the Craigellachie 7 bottle from Whisky Live TLV didn’t arrive yet. So the last indie Craigellachie in this round is another Old Malt Cask but this time it’s 15 year old with different profile. It was distilled in 1997 and bottled in 2013 after it was matured in a refill hogshead.

Craigellachie 15 yo 1997 Cask 9344 Old Malt Cask (50%, 293 bottles, £61.68)

craigellachie-15yo-1997-cask9344-omc-1Nose: Nosing it gives lots of fruity and malty notes. There’s some floral note which enrich it along with heather honey and that Craigellachie heavy apples custard note. Tried adding a few drops of water and there wasn’t noticeable change except intensity went down a level. (maybe call it weaker?)

Palate: Rich and musty even a bit ‘dirty’ with with spices, apples, touch of oranges.

Finish: Spicy and oaky, pepper, heavy with heather honey.

Thoughts: Very different from the previous one. older by bourbon cask with totally different profile. It’s creamy with lots of vanilla, quite good summer dram and surprisingly still available for decent price.


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