Whisky Review – Springbank 18 & Longrow 18

Feis Ile is knocking on our doors but let’s say one last goodbye to Springbank appreciation week and Campbeltown festival with the review of the 18 Year old duo from Springbank: the unpeated Springbank 18 and the peated Longrow 18.

Springbank 18 Year old (46%, €111.66)

springbank-18-yearsNose: sherry impact of berries, a bit dry, sweet honeyed vanilla and caramel, raisins, fruity. Rich and oily and just classic.

Palate: Oh, lots of spices, aniseed and lots of sherry spices, raisins and red fruits, quite dry.

Finish: Long, dried fruits, salt, bit of oak and chocolate, sweet yet dry.


Longrow 18 (46%, £85.58/€125)

longrow-18-year-oldNose: Starts with some flowery note, even a bit perfume . peat builds slowly in background with earthy peat, dampness and soot.

Palate: Old and robust peat in foreground, oily and bit of pepper, still feeling some perfume/flowery note and some oranges, cinnamon, charred wood.

Finish: Oily and bitter, dash of spice with cinnamon, earthy peat and lingering sweetness.


Thoughts: Two excellent whiskies showcasing the Springbank distillery profile. There’s not much to say except that if you haven’t try them yet, go try them and if you like them, buy yourself a bottle or two. Slainte!


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