Whisky Review – Bruichladdich Octomore Discovery (Feis Ile 2014 bottling)

Feis Ile has started yesterday with Lagavulin day and now onward to Bruichladdich. Last years festival bottling was Octomore Discovery, quadruple distilled and aged for 7 years in sherry casks.

Bruichladdich Octomore Discovery 7 Year Old (69.5%)

bruichladdich-octomore-1695-discovery-feis-ile-201Nose: Very restrained, showing lots of fruitiness on the front seat and some peat smoke in the background. I doesn’t smell like a very peated whisky (like Octomore) but I guess we can attribute it to the quadruple distillation (and casks selection). Citrus (oranges and lemon), creamy cereals, vanilla. on the back there’s the smoke, wood smoke and damp peat.

Palate: it’s big with creamy sweet pears, then comes the peat but it’s clean, sweet and oh so very creamy with gentle smoke with some added spiciness.

Finish: Medium length with lingering sweet peat.

Thoughts: Holy cow, this ‘experimental’ Octomore is good and very drinkable at 69.5%! gotta be careful 🙂 Happy Feis Ile!


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