Whisky Review – Old Particular Laphroaig 14 Cask #10694 (Douglas Laing)

This is the second review today to celebrate the Laphroaig open day at Feis Ile 2015. The first review is the Cairdeas 2014 and here we’re reviewing the Douglas Laing release for Feis Ile 2015 celebration.

Old Particular Laphroaig 14 Cask #10694 (Douglas Laing) (48.4%, 636 bottles, £90.43)

laphroaig-14yo-old-particular-feis-2015Nose: Rich nose! sweet fruity nose backed up by strong and solid yet no sharp edges Laphroaig peat with smoke, iodine and TCP. Giving it a minute or two in the glass the fruits get sharpened a bit and there’s also lemon and sugar coated stone fruits. Here comes the brine and salt. Overall it’s a very wet and soft yet recognizably Laphroaig.

Palate: Soft & sweet. peat with stone/peaches fruitiness. Then peat sharpens and dominates the mouth, lots of sharp smoke, ash, charcoal, sweetness &  lemon at background.

Finish: Jagged peat, acrid smoke and charcoal , traces of sweet & lemon, salt.

Thoughts: Wow this is one excellent cask. It is a soft but not velvety Laphroaig with great balance between the rich sweet and bodily peat. Glorious whisky and a great toast to Feis Ile Festival..



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